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Water-in-Salt Electrolyte Enables Ultrafast Supercapacitors for AC Line Filtering

High-performant all-organic aqueous sodium-ion batteries enabled by PTCDA electrodes and a hybrid Na/Mg electrolyte.

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Nitrate Molten Salt Electrolytes with Iron Oxide Catalysts for Open and Sealed Li-O2 Batteries.

Liquid metal batteries for future energy storage

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Solvation Structure around Li+ Ions in Organic Carbonate Electrolytes: Spacer-Free Thin Cell IR Spectroscopy.

Enhancing ionic conductivity with fluorination in organosilyl solvents for lithium-ion battery electrolytes

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High temperature supercapacitors using water-in-salt electrolytes: stability above 100 °C.

Rechargeable zinc-air batteries with neutral electrolytes: Recent advances, challenges, and prospects

Solid electrolyte interphase in water-in-salt electrolytes

Titanium carbide MXene shows an electrochemical anomaly in water-in-salt electrolytes

Most Modern Supercapacitor Designs Advanced Electrolyte and Interface

Titanium Carbide MXene Shows an Electrochemical Anomaly in Water-in-Salt Electrolytes.

Water-in-Salt LiTFSI Aqueous Electrolytes. 1. Liquid Structure from Combined Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Studies.

Efficient Lithium Metal Cycling at a Wide Range of Pressures from an Anion-Derived Solid-Electrolyte Interphase Framework

Downplaying the role of water in the rheological changes of conducting polymers by using water-in-salt electrolytes.

Ion Clusters and Networks in Water-in-Salt Electrolytes

Suppressing early capacitance fade of electrochemical capacitors with water-in-salt electrolytes

Confining Water in Ionic and Organic Solvents to Tune Its Adsorption and Reactivity at Electrified Interfaces

Observation of a potential-dependent switch of water-oxidation mechanism on Co-oxide-based catalysts

Water-in-Bi-Salt Electrolyte with Record Salt Concentration and Widened Electrochemical Stability Window.

A promising water-in-salt electrolyte for aqueous based electrochemical energy storage cells with a wide potential window: highly concentrated HCOOK.

Stability of aqueous electrolytes based on LiFSI and NaFSI

Water-in-salt electrolytes for aqueous lithium-ion batteries with liquidus temperatures below -10 °C.

Stable high-voltage aqueous pseudocapacitive energy storage device with slow self-discharge

Excellent dispersibility of single-walled carbon nanotubes in highly concentrated electrolytes and application to gel electrode for Li-S batteries

Using Mixed Salt Electrolytes to Stabilize Silicon Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries via In situ Formation of Li-M-Si Ternaries (M=Mg, Zn, Al, Ca).

Development of solutions concerning regulation of proper deformations in alkali-activated cements

Embedded 3D Li+ channels in a water-in-salt electrolyte to develop flexible supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries

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Salt Electrolytes 소금 전해질

Salt Electrolytes 소금 전해질
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