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Isolation and Identification of Lactobacillus plantarum HFY05 from Natural Fermented Yak Yogurt and Its Effect on Alcoholic Liver Injury in Mice

Evaluation of biorelevant media to investigate the dissolution properties on flurbiprofen and to assess cytotoxicity effects on Caco-2 cell line

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Salt pulses effects on in-stream litter processing and recovery capacity depend on substrata quality.

Combined effects of temperature and salt solution on swelling of GMZ01 bentonite–sand mixtures

Rate and Product Studies with 1-Adamantyl Chlorothioformate under Solvolytic Conditions

Skin sodium is increased in male patients with multiple sclerosis and related animal models

Contact Ion Pairs in the Bulk Affect Anion Interactions with Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide).

Perchlorate salts confer psychrophilic characteristics in α-chymotrypsin

Salt Weathering of Natural Stone: A Review of Comparative Laboratory Studies

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Controlling Nucleopeptide Hydrogel Self-Assembly and Formation for Cell-Culture Scaffold Applications.

The combined effects of macrophytes and three road salts on aquatic communities in outdoor mesocosms.

Origin of Salt Effects in SN2 Fluorination Using KF Promoted by Ionic Liquids: Quantum Chemical Analysis

Low leaf sodium content improves the grain yield and physiological performance of wheat genotypes in saline-sodic soil

Microscopy Reveals: Impact of Lithium Salts on Elementary Steps Predicts Organozinc Reagent Synthesis and Structure.

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A new dual stimuli responsive hydrogel: Modeling approaches for the prediction of drug loading and release profile

DNA groove-binding and acid-base properties of a Ru(II) complex containing anthryl moieties

Coupled mutual diffusion in aqueous sodium (salicylate + sodium chloride) solutions at 25 °C

The Influence of Sodium Iodide Salt on the Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Methanol Solution by a Combined Molecular Simulation and Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy Study.

Association behavior and fluorescence quenching between cationic zinc porphyrin pendant groups on water-soluble polymers and anionic iron porphyrin guests

Systematic Investigation of a Surfactant Type Nano Gemini Ionic Liquid and Simultaneous Abnormal Salt Effects on Crude Oil/Water Interfacial Tension

Exploration of insulin amyloid polymorphism using Raman spectroscopy and imaging

Absolute Orientations of Water Molecules at Zwitterionic Polymer Interfaces and Interfacial Dynamics after Salt Exposure.

Biochemical characterization of three new α-olefin-producing P450 fatty acid decarboxylases with a halophilic property

Chitosan Film as Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Bio-Adsorbent to Remove/Recover Diclofenac, Ketoprofen, and Their Mixture from Wastewater

Lithium: From Bipolar to Batteries

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Salt Effects 소금 효과

Salt Effects 소금 효과
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