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Seawater salt-trapped Pseudomonas aeruginosa survives for years and gets primed for salinity tolerance

Seawater salt-trapped Pseudomonas aeruginosa survives for years and gets primed for salinity tolerance

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The Influence of Injected Fluids on Microscopic Pore Structures in the Intersalt Dolomitic Shale Oil Reservoirs

Effect of mixed in crystallization modifiers on the resistance of lime mortar against NaCl and Na2SO4 crystallization

Salt Precipitation During Injection of CO2 into Saline Aquifers: Lab-on-Chip Experiments on Glass and Geomaterial Microfluidic Specimens

Taking dental impressions of dental medicine students: with and without vomiting reflex


Application of taste contrast to enhance the saltiness of reduced sodium beef patties

2-Amino-pentanoic acid and 1-Pyridiniumylacetate are new additives to generate distinct morphs of salt crystals: A combined computational and experimental study

Experimental investigation and kinetic modeling of nanocrystal growth for scale reduction in mono-ethylene glycol regeneration unit

Dynamics of Salt Precipitation on Graphene Oxide Membranes

Electron-Beam-Induced Nucleation in an Antisolvent

Investigation into crystal size effect on sodium chloride uptake and water activity of pork meat using hyperspectral imaging

New polymer-based treatments for the prevention of damage by salt crystallization in stone

Changes in Cell Wall Components of Pinus sylvestris L. Wood after 300 Years in Contact with Salt (NaCl)

Specifications for carbonate content quantification in recent marine sediments using Rock-Eval pyrolysis

Excavation and Conservation Recommendations in Handling Human Skeletal Remains: Case Studies from Desert Oases, Cave Shelters, and Permafrost in China and Mongolia

A meso-macroscopic constitutive model of frozen saline sandy soil based on homogenization theory

Iodized Salt Processing Technology through Solar Thermal Salt House in Sanolo Village

Evaluation of Temporal and Spatial Variations of Water Quality Parameters in Zohreh River, Iran

Geoheritage Resource of Small Mud Lakes in the Semi-Arid Environments of the Russian South

Freezing-thawing behaviour of saline soil with various anti-saline measures

The effect of feed temperature on biofouling development on the MD membrane and its relationship with membrane performance: An especial attention to the microbial community succession

Analisis Kadar Magnesium dan Kalium pada Garam Rich Minerals

Determination of TOC in Crystalline Salt from Wastewater Zero Discharge Process by Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Low-cost and portable UV holographic microscope for high-contrast protein crystal imaging

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Salt Crystals 소금 결정

Salt Crystals 소금 결정
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