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Modeling and Mapping of Salt-Affected Soils through Spectral Indices in Inland Plains of Semi-arid Agro-Ecological Region

Diversity of cultivable endophytic bacteria associated with halophytes in Xinjiang of China and their plant beneficial traits

Salt tolerance in rice: seedling and reproductive stage QTL mapping come of age.

Current Perspectives on Reducing the β-ODAP Content and Improving Potential Agronomic Traits in Grass Pea (Lathyrus sativus L.)

Enhanced Growth of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) in Soil Amended with Biochar and Fulvic acid

CO2 and N2 O emissions and microbial community structure from fields that include salt-affected soils.

Impacts of saltwater intrusion on soil nematodes community in alluvial and acid sulfate soils in paddy rice fields in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Lysinibacillus acetophenoni and Pseudomonas stutzeri with High Salt effect, Recovered from High Salinity Soil Area (Indo-Gangetic Plain of India)

Salinity tolerance of Avena sativa fodder genotypes

Saline and Alkaline Soils in Latin America: Natural Resources, Management and Productive Alternatives

Impacts of Fallow Conditions, Compost and Silicate Fertilizer on Soil Nematode Community in Salt–Affected Paddy Rice Fields in Acid Sulfate and Alluvial Soils in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Salt Stress in Plants and Amelioration Strategies: A Critical Review

Nanotechnology-based innovative technologies for high agricultural productivity: Opportunities, challenges, and future perspectives

Wheat straw biochar application improves the morphological, physiological, and yield attributes of maize and the physicochemical properties of soil under deficit irrigation and salinity stress

Salt tolerance in rice: seedling and reproductive stage QTL mapping come of age

Recycling of beet sugar byproducts and wastes enhances sugar beet productivity and salt redistribution in saline soils

Changes in plant growth, leaf relative water content and physiological traits in response to salt stress in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) varieties

Elucidating the effect and interaction mechanism of fulvic acid and nitrogen fertilizer application on phosphorus availability in a salt-affected soil

Effects of soil amendments on fractions and stability of soil organic matter in saline-alkaline paddy.

Management of Phosphorus in Salinity-Stressed Agriculture for Sustainable Crop Production by Salt-Tolerant Phosphate-Solubilizing Bacteria—A Review

Sugarcane bagasse biochar modulates metal and salinity stresses on microbial functions and enzyme activities in saline co-contaminated soils

Pruning residues incorporation and reduced tillage improve soil organic matter stabilization and structure of salt-affected soils in a semi-arid Citrus tree orchard

Additive main effects and multiplicative interaction analyses of yield performance in rice genotypes for general and specific adaptation to salt stress in locations in India

Recycling of Beet Sugar Byproducts and Wastes Enhances Sugar Beet Productivity and Salt Redistribution in Saline Soils

Improving Estimates of Soil Salt Content by Using Two-Date Image Spectral Changes in Yinbei, China

Impacts of land use and salinization on soil inorganic and organic carbon in the middle-lower Yellow River Delta

Distinct accumulation of bacterial and fungal residues along a salinity gradient in coastal salt-affected soils

Screening and identification of novel halotolerant bacterial strains and assessment for insoluble phosphate solubilization and IAA production

Assessment of Gypsum as a Soil Ameliorant on Salt-affected Soils in the Ho-Keta Plain of the Volta Region, Ghana

Do biochar and polyacrylamide have synergistic effect on net denitrification and ammonia volatilization in saline soils?

Growth, yield and arsenic accumulation by wheat grown in a pressmud amended salt-affected soil irrigated with arsenic contaminated water.

Effect of three different types of biochars on eco-physiological response of important agroforestry tree species under salt stress

Intraspecific variation in elemental accumulation and its association with salt tolerance in Paspalum vaginatum

Soil salinization under different climate change scenarios: A global scale analysis

Changes in Intraspecific Diversity of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Community Involved in Plant-Plant Interactions Between Sporobolus robustus Kunth and Prosopis juliflora (Swartz) DC Along an Environmental Gradient.

Using saline water drip irrigation and soil matric potential control for tree establishment in coastal saline soil

Compost as an eco-friendly alternative to mitigate salt-induced effects on growth, nutritional, physiological and biochemical responses of date palm

Bacillus subtilis Y16 and biogas slurry enhanced potassium to sodium ratio and physiology of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) to mitigate salt stress

Valorisation of cost-effective wastes and underused soils through Technosols construction for the Suaeda vera Forssk. ex J. F. Gmel. cultivation: a valued marine halophyte

Drivers of soil salinity and their correlation with climate change

Growth Responses, Physiological Alterations and Alleviation of Salinity Stress in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Amended with Gypsum and Composted Cow Dung

Comparison of soil quality indexing methods for salt-affected soils of Indian coastal region

Different Prosopis species influence sodic soil ecology by favouring carbon build-up and reclamation in North-West India

Simplified Evaluation of Salt Affected Soils Using 1:5 Soil–Water Extract

Comparing Soil Chemical and Biological Properties of Salt Affected Soils under Different Land Use Practices in Hungary and India

Nutrient Composition, Antioxidant Components and Ascorbic Acid Content Response of Pepper Fruit (Capsicum annuum L.) Cultivars Grown under Salt Stress

Borage (Borago officinalis L.) response to salinity at early growth stages as influenced by seed pre-treatment

Soil Salinity and Sodicity in Drylands: A Review of Causes, Effects, Monitoring, and Restoration Measures

Intraspecific variation in elemental accumulation and its association with salt tolerance in Paspalum vaginatum

Functional traits for salinity tolerance in differently adapted populations of Fimbristylis complanata (Retz.)

The properties of soil as impacted by sea level rise in the dry season: A case study of Nonthaburi Province, Thailand

Effect of Different Tillage Implements and Gypsum for Fodder Production in Salt Affected Soils using High RSC Water

Linear Regression Models to Estimate Exchangeable Sodium Percentage and Bulk Density of Salt Affected Soils in Sahl El-Hossinia, El-Sharkia Governorate, Egypt

The Integrated Levels Impacts of Farmyard Manure with Phosphorus Fertilizers and Irrigation on Soil Properties and Wheat Productivity under Saline Soils in North Delta, Egypt

Salicylic acid seed priming modulates some biochemical parameters to improve germination and seedling growth of salt stressed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Halotolerant PGPR: A hope for cultivation of saline soils

Impact of Mole Drains and Soil Amendments Application on Management of Salt Affected Soils

Effect of Integrated Nitrogen Management on Soil Properties and Yield of Wheat in Salt Affected Soil

Enhancing the Solubility and Reclamation Efficiency of Gypsum with H2SO4

Saline stress effect on cowpea beans growth under biofertilizer correction

Hyperspectroscopic and microtopographic analyses of salt crust forms on arid, silty clay loam desert soils

Biowastes alone and combined with sulfur affect the phytoavailability of Cu and Zn to barnyard grass and sorghum in a fluvial alkaline soil under dry and wet conditions.

Effect of Integrated Nitrogen Management on Yield of Rice and Chemical Properties of Sodic Soil

Saline soil reclamation by agroforestry species under Kalaât Landelous conditions and irrigation with treated wastewater in Tunisia

Regulation of antioxidant production, ion uptake and productivity in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plant inoculated with growth promoting salt tolerant Bacillus strains.

Municipal solid waste (MSW): Strategies to improve salt affected soil sustainability: A review.

Evaluation of Wheat Varieties/Lines for Salt Tolerance at Different Growth Stages

Feasibility of different crop rotations for cultivation in salt affected soils

Gibberellic Acid Usage Relieving Salinity Adverse Effects on Growth, Flowering and Bulb Production of Tuberose Plants (Polianthes tuberosa, L.)

Evaluation of Sodicity Indices for Non-saline Sodic Soils of Ramthal Micro Irrigation Project Area of UKP and their Associated Risks for Horticultural Crops