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High-performance liquid chromatographic evaluation of strong cation exchanger-based chiral stationary phases focusing on stationary phase characteristics and mobile phase effects employing enantiomers of tetrahydro-ß-carboline and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline analogs.

Cinchona-alkaloid-based zwitterionic chiral stationary phases as potential tools for high-performance liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of cationic compounds of pharmaceutical relevance.

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Study on electrolyte additives of water-based magnesium batteries

Spray drying absorption for desulphurization: a review of recent developments

Enhanced single-ion conduction and free-standing properties of solid polymer electrolyte by incorporating a polyelectrolyte

Experimental evidence for the direct involvement of Pd(0) and Pd(II) anionic phosphine complexes in the Mizoroki–Heck coupling reaction

Leveraging a Stable Perovskite Composite to Satisfy Blue Electroluminescence Standards

Current trends and challenges in the downstream purification of bispecific antibodies

Processing of Copper-Containing Molybdenite Concentrates by Roasting with Sodium Salts to Produce Technical Molybdenum Trioxide

Enantioseparation of ß2-amino acids by liquid chromatography using core-shell chiral stationary phases based on teicoplanin and teicoplanin aglycone.

Novel cationic Gemini ester surfactant as an efficient and eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in HCl solution

Stable Lithium-Carbon Composite Enabled by Dual-Salt Additives

The Effect of Various Hydroxide and Salt Additives on the Reduction of Fluoride Ion Mobility in Industrial Waste

Noncovalent and covalent double assembly: unravelling a unified mechanism for the tubular shape evolution of microporous organic polymers

A Simple Method for Separating Phenanthrene from Soil by Cloud-Point Extraction

Sensitive determination of warfarin and its metabolic enantiomers in body fluids via capillary electrophoresis combined with ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and online sample stacking

Enhanced irregular photodimers and switched enantioselectivity by solvent and temperature in the photocyclodimerization of 2-anthracenecarboxylate with modified β-cyclodextrins

Optimization and validation of headspace solid-phase microextraction method coupled with gas chromatography–triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry for simultaneous determination of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in coking wastewater treatment plant

Impact of Basalt Filler and Ceramizable Additives on the Toxicity of Gaseous Products Emitted from Thermal Decomposition of Silicone Rubber Composites


Direct LESA-MS of cell wall lipids from Mycobacteria: Salt additives for decreased spectral complexity.

Direct liquid extraction surface analysis mass spectrometry of cell wall lipids from mycobacteria: Salt additives for decreased spectral complexity

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Salt Additives 소금 첨가제

Salt Additives 소금 첨가제
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