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Safety Initiative sentence examples within Patient Safety Initiative

Setting up a quality program: defining the value proposition for anesthesiology

Implementation and effectiveness of drive-through medication pick-up and home delivery services. A patient safety initiative during COVID-19 pandemic

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Opioid Safety Initiative

Outcomes Associated With Pharmacist- Led Consult Service for Opioid Tapering and Pharmacotherapy

The Newest Battlefield Opioid, Sublingual Sufentanil: A Proposal to Refine Opioid Usage in the U.S. Military.

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Food Safety Initiative

Food fraud mitigation: strategic approaches and tools

Transnational business governance interactions in food safety regulation : Exploring the promises and risks of enrolment

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Wide Safety Initiative

The impact of an accountable care unit on mortality: an observational study

A bivariate random effects spatial model of traffic fatalities and injuries across Provinces of Iran.

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Vaccine Safety Initiative

CIOMS Guide To Vaccine Safety Communication - Executive summary.

Advancing challenges in Paediatric Virology: An interview with Professor Barbara A. Rath, Co-founder and Chair of the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Traffic Safety Initiative

The Network Response: Building Structured Partnerships to Enhance Traffic Safety

The Central Role of Community Participation in Traffic Safety Culture

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Road Safety Initiative

Road users’ evaluations and perceptions of road infrastructure, trip characteristics, and daily trip experiences across countries

Lives Saved in Low- and Middle-Income Countries by Road Safety Initiatives Funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Implemented by Their Partners between 2007–2018

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Surgical Safety Initiative

Virtual non-technical skills assessment training is an effective, scalable approach for novice raters.

Clinical Evaluation of Intraoperative Near Misses in Laparoscopic Rectal Cancer Surgery.

Safety Initiative sentence examples within School Safety Initiative

Impact of a School-Based, Multi-Tiered Emotional and Behavioral Health Crisis Intervention on School Safety and Discipline

School Cohesion Perception Discrepancy and Student Delinquency

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Ingredient Safety Initiative

Comparative influences of dermal and inhalational routes of exposure on hazards of cleaning product ingredients among mammalian model organisms.

Critical review and probabilistic health hazard assessment of cleaning product ingredients in all-purpose cleaners, dish care products, and laundry care products.

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Medication Safety Initiative

Reducing anticholinergic medication exposure among older adults using consumer technology: Protocol for a randomized clinical trial.

Medication Safety Group clinician updates: a novel teaching programme to bridge the gap between the prescriber and the trust

Safety Initiative sentence examples within New Safety Initiative

Epidemiology of Youth and High School American Football-Related Injuries Presenting to United States Emergency Departments: 2010-2019.

Analysis of operational parameters of the Cirrus SR22T aircraft for identification of deviations from standard operating procedures

Safety Initiative sentence examples within Medicine Safety Initiative

Home medicines reviews: a national survey of Australian accredited pharmacists’ health service time investment

Fatal Toxicity Indices for Medicine-Related Deaths in New Zealand, 2008–2013

Maternal and fetal hypothermia: more preventive compliance is required for a mother and her fetus while undergoing cesarean delivery; a quality improvement review.

Review of flight simulation fidelity requirements to help reduce ‘rotorcraft loss of control in-flight’ accident rates

Recommendations for procedural sedation in infants, children, and adolescents.

Development and validation of a safety leadership Self-Efficacy Scale (SLSES) in maritime context

Traffic stops do not prevent traffic deaths

[Creating Nursing Workplaces That Appropriately Manage Legal Risk].

Terrorists as Monsters: The Unmanageable Other from the French Revolution to the Islamic State. By Marco Pinfari. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019. 232p. $99.00 cloth, $29.95 paper.

Occupational health and safety in agriculture - a brief report on organization, legislation and support in selected European countries.

Factors Influencing Patient Safety Culture in Saudi Arabia: A Systematic Review

Why I Like Being in with the Inpatient Crowd: How I Took the Non-traditional Path of the GI Hospitalist

Acute myocardial infarction: Development and application of an ICD-10-CM-based algorithm to a large U.S. healthcare claims-based database

Hired and Contract Agricultural Workforce – Sustainable Solutions

Commentary: Is leadership of nurses associated with nurse-reported quality of care? A cross-sectional survey

Demographic differences in safety proactivity behaviors and safety management in Chinese small–scale enterprises

Beyond Patient Satisfaction: Optimizing the Patient Experience.

Towards a Maturity Model for Clinical Decision Support Operations.

Agricultural Security Monitoring and Safety Alert System: Implementation of Wireless Video on the Farmstead.

The Role of Hospitalists in a New Hospital: Physician’s Perspective

Continued emphasis on quality and safety jeopardizes clinical medical physics careers in radiation oncology: What can be done about it?

Valproate MHRA Guidance: Limitations and Opportunities

Accounting for employee health: The productivity cost of leading health risks

Medication Errors and Safety Culture in a Norwegian Hospital.

Error traps and culture of safety in anorectal malformations.

Perspectives on Indigenous cultural competency and safety in Canadian hospital emergency departments: A scoping review.

Relationships, experience, and support: staff perception of safety in a forensic mental health facility

Clinicians’ perceptions of opioid error–contributing factors in inpatient palliative care services: A qualitative study

The Social Organization of Nurses’ Work with Late Preterm Infants in Non-tertiary Care Settings: Out of the Corners of Nurses’ Eyes

Workplace Road Safety and Culture: Safety Practices for Employees and the Community

A Mixed-Methods Exploration of the Educational Climate and Safety Climate During the First Year of Clinical Practice in Ireland.

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