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The analytic study of the Russian experience in the context of corporate social responsibility (CSR): the lessons for Iran and developing countries

Rethinking the corporate digital divide: The complementarity of technologies and the demand for digital skills

The hunt for international legitimacy: Examining the relationship between internationalization, state ownership, location and CSR reporting of Russian firms

Banking competition as the basis of investment demand

Do Cognitive Biases Impact M&A Performance in Emerging Markets? Evidence from Russian Firms

The Impact of Intellectual Capital on the Profitability of Russian Agricultural Firms

Patterns of Russian Firms’ Export Pricing

The Behaviour of the Financing Decision of the Russian Listed Companies

Management Capabilities and Performance of Firms in the Russian Federation

Political connections and strategic choices of emerging market firms: Case study of Russia’s pharmaceutical industry

Improving Enterprise Production Management System on the Basis of Lean Production

Exploring the context-specific talent management practices and their link to firm’s absorptive capacity in emerging markets: Brazil vs Russia

Working capital management and firm profitability: evidence from emerging markets

Lost in translation? Corporate governance, independent boards and blockholder appropriation

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Russian Firms 러시아 기업

Russian Firms 러시아 기업
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