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Tariffs, Agricultural Subsidies, and the 2020 US Presidential Election

Platformizing family production: The contradictions of rural digital labor in China

Chronic Disease in the Community (CDCom) Program: Hypertension and non-communicable disease care by village health workers in rural Uganda

Tariffs, Agricultural Subsidies, and the 2020 US Presidential Election: Unintended Consequences

Diabetes and the use of primary care provider services in rural, remote and metropolitan Australia.

Platformizing Family Production: The Contradictions of Rural Digital Labor in China

Migrant Workers Role in Rural-Urban Linkage, Case Study: Industrial Growth in Semarang Regency, Indonesia

Patient capability: Justice and grassroots healthcare delivery in China.

Kicking against the Majority

A Study on Inequalities in Education created due to Rural-Urban Divide and class position with special reference to Assam

Traditional and biomedical maternal and neonatal care practices in a rural Indigenous population of the Bolivian Amazon.

Geographic and Temporal Access to Basic Banking Services Offered through Post Offices in Wales

Understanding Period Poverty: Socio-Economic Inequalities in Menstrual Hygiene Management in Eight Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Remote and Rural Connectivity: Infrastructure and Resource Sharing Principles

The Responsibility of Government and Society Towards Social Cohesion: A Family Perspective

Bilingual Method- A Solution for the Plethora of challenges present in a non-native Language Classroom

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Rural Urban Divide 농촌 도시 분할

Rural Urban Divide 농촌 도시 분할
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