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How rural immersion training influences rural work orientation of medical students: Theory building through realist evaluation.

Immersive placement experiences promote rural intent in allied health students of urban and rural origin

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Expectations and experiences of final-year medical students regarding family medicine rural rotations: Influence on intention to practise in a rural setting

Implications of an Aging Rural Physician Workforce.

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Family Medicine Rural Training Track Residencies: Risks and Resilience.

Equitable Health Care and Low-Density Living in the United States.

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Integration of Improvement and Implementation Science in Practice-Based Research Networks: a Longitudinal, Comparative Case Study

A stepped-wedge cluster randomized trial designed to improve completion of HPV vaccine series and reduce missed opportunities to vaccinate in rural primary care practices

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Population structure of Laurus nobilis L. in Central Italian forests: evidence for its ongoing expansion

Panel 2 Paper 2.3: A Discussion on Rural Transformation in Turkey

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A Cross-Sectional Study of Factors Associated With Pediatric Scope of Care in Family Medicine

Improving Physician Knowledge: A Necessary but Not Sufficient Requirement of Improving Intrauterine Contraception Access in Canada.

Rural Practice sentence examples within rural practice setting

Barriers and attitudes reported by Canadian emergency physicians regarding the initiation of buprenorphine/naloxone in the emergency department for patients with opioid use disorder.

Variation in academic preparation and progression of nurses across the continuum of care.

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Delivering introductory physiotherapy clinical placements incorporating simulated learning experiences in rural settings.

The Rural Nursing Workforce Hierarchy of Needs: Decision-Making concerning Future Rural Healthcare Employment

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Training and retention in rural and remote Australia: Examining the association between GP vocational training placements and subsequent practice location in Western Australia

Internal medicine physician job satisfaction in rural Montana and Northern Wyoming- a qualitative analysis

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Practice choices of clinical associates: Policy realisation or practical reality?

OT Practice Patterns in Rural States: Does the College Experience Influence Rural Employment Choice?

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Factors associated with medical students’ interest in remote and very remote practice in Australia: A national study

Screening for burn-out in Australian medical students undertaking a rural clinical placement

The aging general surgeon of rural America.

Primary care physicians’ perceptions of the role of alternative payment models in recruitment and retention in rural Alberta: a qualitative study

How rural is rural? The relationship between rural background of medical students and their career location intentions.

The effect of rural placements on future rural general practice

General Practitioners’ Perceived Indicators of Vulnerability in Pregnancy- A Qualitative Study

Common Genitourinary Fistulas in Rural Practice: Treatment and Management

Defogging Strategy for Protective Eye Goggles to Prevent Microorganism Transmission While Performing Neurosurgical Procedures

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Does an alignment of employment policies and individual preferences affect intention to stay in the profession? Evidence from Canadian Midwives.

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From Peasant to Elite: Reshaping Agriculture in Gansu Province

Providing Stroke Expertise across India

Survey of attitudes towards a randomised trial about sugammadex, neostigmine and pulmonary complications

A qualitative exploration of medical students’ placement experiences with telehealth during COVID-19 and recommendations to prepare our future medical workforce

What do dental students value about their rural placements-Is clinical experience enough?

The Doctor Will “Friend” You Now: A Qualitative Study on Adolescents’ Preferences for Weight Management App Features

Critically reviewing the policies used by colleges to select doctors for specialty training: A kink in the rural pathway.

Factors contributing to the recruitment and retention of rural pharmacist workforce: a systematic review

Responsive policies needed to secure rural supply from increasing female doctors: A perspective.

Rationale and protocol for the Nursing and Allied Health Graduate Outcomes Tracking (NAHGOT) study: a large-scale longitudinal investigation of graduate practice destinations.

Finding the line of best fit: constructing a profile for rural-based international medical graduates in Canada.

Determinant factors to the rural and remote medical workforce in Maluku Islands of Indonesia: A cross-sectional study

Comparison of rural practice in relation to upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

Rural family physician perspectives on communication with urban specialists: a qualitative study

Differential Impact of COVID-19 on Urban Versus Rural Dermatologic Practice Logistics and Recovery: A Cross-Sectional Investigation of the First Wave

Factors that influence workplace location choices in the different allied health professions: A systematic review.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion interventions to support admissions have had little benefit to Black students over past 20 years.

General practitioners’ perceived indicators of vulnerability in pregnancy- A qualitative interview study

Place Matters: Closing the Gap on Rural Primary Care Quality Improvement Capacity—the Healthy Hearts Northwest Study

Pharmacists’ perceptions of the Canadian opioid regulatory exemptions on patient care and opioid stewardship

Changes in Primary Care Telehealth Use and Impact on Acute Care Visits for Ambulatory Care‐Sensitive Conditions during COVID ‐19

Destinations of nursing and allied health graduates from two Australian universities: A data linkage study to inform rural placement models.

Labrador Emergencies and St. Anthony Institutional Care: Medical Cases of Donald McI. Johnson for the Grenfell Association, 1928-29.

A cluster randomized controlled trial comparing Virtual Learning Collaborative and Technical Assistance strategies to implement an early palliative care program for patients with advanced cancer and their caregivers: a study protocol

A Survey of Policy Responses to the Rural Attorney Shortage in the United States

Could adoption of the rural pipeline concept redress Australian optometry workforce issues?

Is canine heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) endemic to South Australia?

Diet in Stroke: Beyond Antiplatelets and Statins

Training non-physician anaesthetists in sub-Saharan Africa: a qualitative investigation of providers’ perspectives

Using the STEM framework collegially for mentoring, peer learning and planning

General practitioners’ willingness to participate in research: A survey in central Switzerland

Rural pipeline and willingness to work in rural areas: Mixed method study on students in midwifery and obstetric nursing in Mali

Energy Footprints of the Food and Textile Sectors

Time changes in the geographical distribution of physicians and factors associated with starting rural practice in Japan.

The personalities of most medical students are suited to rural practice: Implications for rural education program recruitment

The American Society for Radiation Oncology 2017 Radiation Oncologist Workforce Study.

Primary care use of laboratory tests in Northern Ireland’s Western Health and Social Care Trust: a cross-sectional study

Survival analysis of Rural Clinical School of Western Australia graduates: the long-term work of building a long-term rural medical workforce

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Figurações poéticas da vida rural nas Geórgicas/ Poetic Figurations of Rural Life in the Georgics

Career choices of the first seven cohorts of JCU MBBS graduates: producing generalists for regional, rural and remote northern Australia.

Cluster Analysis Referring to Rural Enterprises of Sugarcane Local Productive Arrangement (LPA) in Quirinópolis, Brazil

Are Medical Graduates’ Job Choices for Rural Practice Consistent with their Initial Intentions? A Cross-Sectional Survey in Western China

Call to expand teaching opportunities in rural family medicine

Does medical training in Thailand prepare doctors for work in community hospitals? An analysis of critical incidents

Energy Footprints of Food Products

University-based initiatives towards better access to oral health care for rural and remote populations: A scoping review

Joys and challenges of relationships in Scotland and New Zealand rural midwifery: A multicentre study.

Assessing the variation in workload among general practitioners in urban and rural areas: An analysis based on SMS time sampling data

Building integrated teams to address mental and behavioral health needs in rural primary care: The Western Colorado COEARTH project

Guest Editorial: Failing to thrive: academic rural health in New Zealand.

Pregabalin: A Drug Useful in the Management of Pain after Craniotomy?

Rural Medicine Realities: The Impact of Immersion on Urban‐Based Medical Students

Graduate doctors’ rural work increases over time

Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome: a case report of a rare vascular disorder identified in a rural Canadian hospital.

Talking about overweight and obesity in rural Australian general practice

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