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Same Language, Different Histories: Developing a “Critical” English Teacher Identity

A qualitative study exploring the role of community health workers in promoting maternal postpartum mental health in Nicaragua

Barriers to contraceptive use among adolescents in two semi-rural Nicaraguan communities

Understanding Processes of Transformative Change: A Qualitative Inquiry into Empowering Sources and Outcomes Identified by Women in Rural Nicaragua

P128 Diet Quality, Food Access, Obesity and Hypertension Risk in Rural Nicaragua

Community intervention in the societal inequity of women’s political participation: The development of efficacy and citizen participation in rural Nicaragua

Pentecostalism and the Peasantry: Domestic and Spiritual Economies in Rural Nicaragua

Reinforcing marginality? Maternal health interventions in rural Nicaragua

Gender Inequality and Resource Sharing: Evidence from Rural Nicaragua

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Rural Nicaragua 시골 니카라과

Rural Nicaragua 시골 니카라과
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