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Stepping up to market participation of smallholder agriculture in rural areas of Indonesia

Maintaining the Tradition: Religion, Local Elites and the Transformation of Agricultural Tradition in Rural East Java (A Case of Kabumi Ceremony in Jatirogo, Tuban, East Java)

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A scoping review of current practices on community engagement in rural East Africa: Recommendations for snakebite envenoming

Possible futures for rural East Africa under a changing climate:HyCRISTAL climate narrative rural infographic and Brief

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What Accounts for Rural Development in East Asia?

Rethinking Campaigns, Bureaucracy, and Rural Development in East Asia and Beyond

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Sodium intake and its source assessed using weighed food records in rural eastern Rwanda

An Increased Adverse Fetal Outcome Has Been Observed among Teen Pregnant Women in Rural Eastern Ethiopia: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study

Prelacteal feeding among infants within the first week of birth in eastern Uganda: evidence from a health facility-based cross-sectional study

O04.3 The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on STI services in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Handwashing effect on diarrheal incidence in children under 5 years old in rural eastern Ethiopia: a cluster randomized controlled trial

Low level of tuberculosis preventive therapy incompletion among people living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus in eastern Uganda: A retrospective data review

The Role of Resilience in Ethnic Minority Adolescent Navigation of Ecological Adversity

Detection of sexually transmitted pathogens and co-infection with human papillomavirus in women residing in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa

Classroom observation data collected to document the implementation of physics competence-based curriculum in Rwanda

An Exploration of Perceptions on Quality of Life, Stigma and Resilience Experienced by Long-Time HIV Survivors in Rural Eastern Uganda

WSU ROAR and ROAR Online! Program Description and COVID-19 Response

Face mask use and associated factors among students in rural Eastern Uganda amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

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Middle Years Teachers’ Critical Literacy Practices as Cornerstones of Their Culturally Relevant Pedagogies

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P378 A wide variety of intravaginal practices should be considered in research studies in rural South Africa

Readiness for implementation of preconception care in Uganda; a review on the current policy, health system barriers, opportunities and way forward

Pre-lacteal Feeding Among Infants Within the First Week of Birth in Eastern Uganda: Evidence From a Health Facility-based Cross-sectional Study

Skills2Care: An innovative, cooperative learning programme for community health workers in South Africa

Characterizations of Bacterial Vaginosis among HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Women in Rural Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

TB prevention cascade at a district hospital in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Caregivers’ estimate of early childhood developmental status in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional study

Agricultural GHG emission and calorie intake nexus among different socioeconomic households of rural eastern India

Agro-processing as a tool for poverty alleviation strategy: A case of Raymond Mhlaba municipality

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Across the stolen Ponds: The political geography of social welfare in rural eastern India

Association of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes: a one sample Mendelian randomization study

Does completion of sputum smear monitoring have an effect on treatment success and cure rate among adult tuberculosis patients in rural Eastern Uganda? A propensity score-matched analysis

Pathways to diabetic care at hospitals in rural Eastern Uganda: a cross sectional study

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Provider Practice and Perceptions of Pediatric Obesity in Appalachian Kentucky

Small-Scale Irrigation and Production Efficiency among Vegetable Farmers in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa: The DEA Approach

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Survey on the prevalence of dyspepsia and practices of dyspepsia management in rural Eastern Uganda

Design Engagements at the Margins of the Global South: De-Centering the “Expert” Within Me

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Abstract 2147: Galectin-1: A marker for claudin-low breast cancer

Parenting self-efficacy in the context of poverty and HIV in Eastern Uganda: A qualitative study.

Landscape context is more important than wetland buffers for farmland amphibians

Planning island sustainable development policy based on the theory of ecosystem services: A case study of Zhoushan Archipelago, East China

Community interventions and participation in women′s groups and counselling through home visits and their effect on a child′s growth

Rural and urban food allergy prevalence from the South African Food Allergy (SAFFA) study

Shadow and Substance: Eucharistic Controversy and English Drama across the Reformation Divide by Jay Zysk (review)

Assessment of Blood Donation and Transfusion in Eastern Uganda: A Mixed-Methods Study

CA-MRSA and HA-MRSA coexist in community and hospital settings in Uganda

The 2005–2016 Trends of Formaldehyde Columns Over China Observed by Satellites: Increasing Anthropogenic Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds and Decreasing Agricultural Fire Emissions

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Social networks, gender and HIV within marriages in Kenya

Addressing Contextual Challenges in Underserved Indigenous Spaces of the Global South: In Search of an Approach Based on Unlearning, Co-Learning, and Relearning

[Prevalencia de complicaciones de la diabetes y comorbilidades asociadas en medicina familiar del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social].

BabyGel pilot: a pilot cluster randomised trial of the provision of alcohol handgel to postpartum mothers to prevent neonatal and young infant infection-related morbidity in the community

Experiences of Persons Living with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness

Treatment supporters and level of health facility influence completion of sputum smear monitoring among tuberculosis patients in rural Uganda: a mixed-methods study.

Isolated Sacral Vertebral Hydatid Cyst Presenting with Pathological Fracture

Mortality and recovery following moderate and severe acute malnutrition in children aged 6–18 months in rural Jharkhand and Odisha, eastern India: A cohort study

Digital Preservation of Indigenous Culture and Narratives from the Global South: In Search of an Approach

Early initiation of breastfeeding and associated factors among mothers of aged less than 12 months children in rural eastern zone, Tigray, Ethiopia: cross-sectional study

Explaining the successes and failures of tuberculosis treatment programs; a tale of two regions in rural eastern Uganda

Effects of participatory learning and action with women’s groups, counselling through home visits and crèches on undernutrition among children under three years in eastern India: a quasi-experimental study

Voices heard and lessons learnt: Exploring multiple knowledges and local participation in a community-based integrated early childhood development project in rural South Africa

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Rural East 시골 동쪽

Rural East 시골 동쪽
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