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Rural Districts sentence examples within cross sectional survey

Malaria prevention knowledge, attitudes, and practices in Zambezia Province, Mozambique

Validity of using mobile phone surveys to evaluate community health worker program in Mali

Rural Districts sentence examples within Two Rural Districts

Perceptions of Inequity in the Provision and Utilization of Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health Services in Tigray, Ethiopia. A Qualitative Explorative Study

It is beyond remuneration: Bottom-up health workers’ retention strategies at the primary health care system in Tanzania

Rural Districts sentence examples within Three Rural Districts

Molecular and Serological Evaluation of Neospora caninum Infection in Dogs from a Rural Setting in Fars Province, Southern Iran

Early Detection and Intervention for Young Children With Early Developmental Disabilities in Western Uganda: a Mixed-methods Evaluation

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Rural Districts sentence examples within Acros Rural Districts

Assessing community-based water management and governance systems in North-West Cameroon using a Cultural Theory and Systems Approach

Shrinking Rural Areas: demographic and broader interconnections of population decline in Hungary

Rural Districts sentence examples within Six Rural Districts

Validity of using mobile phone surveys to evaluate community health worker program in Mali

Factors associated with female genital cutting in Yemen and its policy implications.

Rural Districts sentence examples within Fmy Rural Districts

Analysis of potential fuel savings, economic and environmental effects of improved biomass cookstoves in rural Ethiopia

A qualitative study of perspectives on access to tuberculosis health services in Xigaze, China

Spatial temporal distribution of COVID-19 risk during the early phase of the pandemic in Malawi

Modern Model of a Rural Settlement: Development of Planning Structure and Reconstruction of Villages

Implementation of school-based services for students with autism: Barriers and facilitators across urban and rural districts and phases of implementation

Long-Term Spatial Associations and Regional Convergence of Rural Literacy Rate in India

Exploring COVID-19 Related Factors Influencing Antenatal Care Services Uptake: A Qualitative Study among Women in a Rural Community in Southwest Ethiopia

Evaluation of the sustainability of existing rainwater harvesting ponds: A case study of Lay Gayint District, South Gondar zone, Ethiopia

Rural-Urban Migration, Childbearing Decision-Making, Fertility and Contraceptive Perspectives of Street Adolescents and Youth in Kampala, Uganda

Differences in regional distribution and inequality in health-resource allocation on institutions, beds, and workforce: a longitudinal study in China

Determinant of Potential Barriers of Maternal Health Care Utilization in Rural Area in Lemo: South Region of Ethiopia

Telegenetics: The experience of an Indian center (Centre for Human Genetics) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Explaining the factors affecting the efficiency, effectiveness of management and rural participation in the development of the villages of Soomehsara city with a good governance approach


On the Management and Financial Resources Formation of Local Budgets

Implementation of the Ebola Virus Persistence in Ocular Tissues and Fluids (EVICT) study: Lessons learned for vision health systems strengthening in Sierra Leone

Status of Drinking Water Sustainability Using GIS in Rangareddy: A Case Study

Barriers to Access of Healthcare Services for Rural Women—Applying Gender Lens on TB in a Rural District of Sindh, Pakistan

Molecular Detection of Common Plasmodium Species in Malaria Vectors in Villages of Chabahar and Konarak, Iran

Health insurance and health system (un) responsiveness: a qualitative study with elderly in rural Tanzania


Introduction to Special Topic: Rural Education Finance and Policy

Changes in household food security, access to health services, and income in northern Lao PDR during the COVID-19 pandemic

OPPNets and Rural Areas: An Opportunistic Solution for Remote Communications

Analyzing the Impact of Lady Health Worker Program on Utilization of Maternal Health Services in Community With A Lady Health Worker in Sindh Province

To the Question about the Functions of Rural Settlements in the Economic System of the Golden Horde

Beyond the Transition: Long-Term Population Trends in a Disadvantaged Region of Southern Europe, 1861–2017

Investigating density-dependent patterns of population growth in Southern Italy, 1861–2019

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Perfil epidemiológico e espacial dos casos novos de hanseníase notificados em Feira de Santana no período de 2005- 2015

Complex transformation of divorce in Vietnam under the forces of modernization and individualism

Changes in cardiorespiratory fitness and body mass index due to COVID-19 mitigation measures in Austrian children aged 7 to 10 years.

Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Their Influencing Factors in Urumqi, China

Spatial distribution of canine Leishmania infantum infection in a municipality with endemic human leishmaniasis in Eastern Bahia, Brazil.

Indigenous Women Social Entrepreneurship; Poverty Alleviation Tool Used by Development NGOs in Ghana

The frequency and severity of crop damage by wildlife in rural Beijing, China

Coverage and determinants of protective dose tetanus toxoid vaccine among postnatal women delivered at university of Gondar comprehensive specialized hospital, northwest Ethiopia, 2019

The Frontline Health Care Workers in Schools: Health Equity, the Distribution of School Nurses, and Student Access.

The Prevalence of Vascular Dementia in China: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis from 2009–2019

Qualitative assessment of readiness for use of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Malawi: Qualitative study using key informant interviews and focus group discussions.

Are Urban or Rural Congressional Districts More Paretian?

Improving Access to Healthcare in Sierra Leone: The Role of the Newly Developed National Emergency Medical Service

Rural District of Russian Federation Town of the Golden Horde Era (based on the materials of the archaeological sites of the district of Nizhny Novgorod)

A situational analysis of child and adolescent mental health services and systems in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

The Examination of Job Satisfaction of Teachers in terms of Commuting Time, Motivation and some Demographic Characteristic

Correlation Analysis between NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data and POIs Data —a Comparison Study in Different Districts and Counties of Nanchang

Tanzanian primary healthcare workers’ experiences of antibiotic prescription and understanding of antibiotic resistance in common childhood infections: a qualitative phenomenographic study

Factors influencing mothers’ decisions regarding obstetrical care in Western Kenya: a mixed-methods study

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Rural Districts 농촌 지역

Rural Districts 농촌 지역
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