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Rural Collective sentence examples within operating construction land

Analysison the Willingness and InfluencingFactors of the Villagers to Market the Rural Collective Construction Land in Nanhai District of Guangdong Province under the Background of Transformation and Upgrading of Manufacturing Industry

Transfer of Land Use Rights in Rural China and Farmers’ Utility: How to Select an Optimal Payment Mode of Land Increment Income

Rural Collective sentence examples within rural collective economic

Impacts of tenure security and market-oriented allocation of farmland on agricultural productivity: Evidence from China’s apple growers

Rural Collective Economy, Township Planning and the Rural Revitalization Strategy -- Case Study for the Suburbs of Beijing City

Rural Collective sentence examples within rural collective construction

Choice of Rural Collective Construction Land Sales and Rental Markets at the Theoretical Framework of Williamson’s Transaction Costs: Evidence from Nanhai District, Guangdong Province, China

Towards a Valuation and Taxation Information Model for Chinese Rural Collective Construction Land

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Rural Collective sentence examples within rural collective action

Emergence of local collective action for land adjustment in land consolidation in China: An archetype analysis

Trust, mental models and community participation in transition: Evidence from rural Ukraine

Will Rural Collective-Owned Commercial Construction Land Marketization Impact Local Governments’ Interest Distribution? Evidence from Mainland China

Rural Collective Construction Land Transfer and Intergovernmental Power Allocation under the Background of Provincial Management at County Level

Reported capture, fishery perceptions, and attitudes toward fisheries management of urban and rural artisanal, small-scale fishers along the Bahía de Banderas coast, Mexico

Taking property rights seriously: reducing gender bias in the rural arable land contracting system in China

Rural clubs in the social structure of the collective farm peasants of Ukraine in the second half of 1940s-first half of 1950s.

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Rural Collective 농촌공동체

Rural Collective 농촌공동체
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