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Choosing a Maximum Drift Rate in a SETI Search: Astrophysical Considerations

Choosing a Maximum Drift Rate in a SETI Search: Astrophysical Considerations.

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A simplified modelling and analysis of six degree of freedom random vibration test

Three-dimensional nonlinear extreme vibrations of cantilevers based on a geometrically exact model

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Framework for reconstructing wave loads on a floating cylinder using monitored data of structural motion and wave elevation

Visual SLAM: Why Bundle Adjust?

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Large Oceanic Gyres: Lagrangian Description

Multi-objective optimization of the kinematic parameters of fish-like swimming using a genetic algorithm method

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New insights into GluT1 mechanics during glucose transfer

The Preprotein Binding Domain of SecA Displays Intrinsic Rotational Dynamics.

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Extreme fragmentation and complex kinematics at the center of the L1287 cloud

Real-Time 6DOF Pose Estimation of Endoscopic Instruments Using Printable Markers

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Fully Actuated Autonomous Flight of Thruster-Tilting Multirotor

Motion Analysis and Control of Three-Wheeled Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

Hydrodynamic dead zone in multiphase geophysical flows impacting a rigid obstacle

Structure and Dynamics of Carbon Buckyballs Encapsulated to Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Comparing Science and Engineering Students Using the Force Concept Inventory in Introductory Physics Courses

Intermediate scattering functions of a rigid body monoclonal antibody protein in solution studied by dissipative particle dynamic simulation

Analysis of the Sagittal Motion Posture of the Acromioclavicular Joint Using Image Registration and Axial Angle Representation

Deposition Characteristics of Firebrands on and Around Rectangular Cubic Structures

Single gold nanostars with multiple branches as multispectral orientation probes in single-particle rotational tracking.

Optimal Design of the Shell Structure of a Disk-Shaped Water-Spraying Robot

Optimal Local Estimates of Visual Motion in a Natural Environment.

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Investigation of the structural viscosity of oil films on the friction surface with fullerene compositions

New Long-Term Climate Oscillations

Coupled oscillation and spinning of photothermal particles in Marangoni optical traps

Modeling Quadrotor Dynamics in a Wind Field

Probing Biological Water Using Terahertz Absorption Spectroscopy

Three-dimensional dynamic modeling and analytical method investigation of planetary gears for vibration prediction

On the temperature and pressure dependence of dielectric relaxation processes in ionic liquids.

Effect of Poiseuille flow on the dynamics of active vesicle

Ultra-robust and broadband rotary hybridized nanogenerator for self-sustained smart-farming applications

Gravitation, rotating bodies, and their relative velocities

PID Controllers Design for a Quadrotor System Using Teaching Learning Based Optimization

Redshift Anomaly of the 2292 MHz Radio Signal Emitted by the Pioneer-6 Space Probe as Multiple Interactions with Photo-Ionized Electrons in the Solar Corona

Flexible Computationally Efficient Platform for Simulating Scan Formation in Optical Coherence Tomography with Accounting for Arbitrary Motions of Scatterers

Tilting and rotational motions of silver halide crystal with diffracted X-ray blinking

Enhancing energy harvesting in low-frequency rotational motion by a quad-stable energy harvester with time-varying potential wells

Experimental Verification on the Rotational and Sway Control of a Suspended Horizontally Movable Multi-Rotor

Fracture simulations using edge-based smoothed finite element method for isotropic damage model via Delaunay/Voronoi dual tessellations

Flexible heliogyro solar sail under solar radiation pressure and gravitational force

Optimized hybrid decoupled visual servoing with supervised learning

A study of cool core resiliency and entropy mixing in simulations of galaxy cluster mergers

2H NMR study on temperature-dependent water dynamics in amino-acid functionalized silica nanopores.

On the Evolution of Orbits in a Photo-Gravitational Circular Three-Body Problem: The Inner Problem

High Fluid Velocity and Narrow Channels Enhance the Influences of Particle Shape on Colloid Retention in Saturated Groundwater Systems Under Favorable Deposition Conditions

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Topology optimization of leaf flexures to maximize in-plane to out-of-plane compliance ratio

Robust Performance Analysis for a Cascade Nonlinear H∞ Control Algorithm In Quadrotor Position Tracking

Viscosities of Liquid Refrigerants from a Rough Hard-Sphere Theory-Based Semi-Empirical Model

Ground-State Geometry and Vibrations of Polyphenylenevinylene Oligomers.

Image-Aligned Dynamic Liver Reconstruction Using Intra-Operative Field of Views for Minimal Invasive Surgery

A Simple Tripod Mobile Robot Using Soft Membrane Vibration Actuators

Design of Flight Control System Based on Novel State Variables

The rich conformational landscape of perillyl alcohol revealed by broadband rotational spectroscopy and theoretical modelling.

Dynamically Reconfigurable, Multifunctional Emulsions with Controllable Structure and Movement.

Negative Thermal Expansivity of Ice: Comparison of the Monatomic mW Model with the All-Atom TIP4P/2005 Water Model

Decoding CMOS Rolling-Shutter Pattern in Translational or Rotational Motions for VLC

Analytical and experimental investigation of the dynamic behavior of a revolute-prismatic manipulator with N flexible links and hubs

Establishment and validation of a locomotive–track coupled spatial dynamics model considering dynamic effect of gear transmissions

Combined Motion Generation by Electro-Hydraulic Stewart Platform for Manufacturing Industries

A new development in magnetic particle tracking technology and its application in a sheared dense granular flow.

Influence of cross-diffusion and radiation on mixed convection between rotating discs in the presence of a variable magnetic field

A curved 2.5D model for simulating dynamic responses of coupled track-tunnel-soil system in curved section due to moving loads

Revisiting Separation of Vibrations and Rotations in the Theory of Molecular Spectra

Effect of Higher Harmonics on the Accurate Calculation of Dynamic Phase-Locked-Loop Characteristics Using the Quasi-Harmonic Method

Fundamental Limits on Imaging the Orientational Dynamics of Dipole-Like Emitters

On the role of intermolecular vibrational motions for ice polymorphs I: Volumetric properties of crystalline and amorphous ices.

Molecular Basis of Water Activity in Glycerol–Water Mixtures

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UNUSAITS AUV Navigation and Guidance System with Nonlinear Modeling Motion using Ensemble Kalman Filter

Increasing Motion Fidelity in Driving Simulators Using a Fuzzy-Based Washout Filter

Viscoelastic shear deformable microplates: Nonlinear forced resonant characteristics

Anisotropic magnetoresistive sensors for control of additive manufacturing machines

Two-fluid equations for two-phase flows in moving systems

Signs of outflow feedback from a nearby young stellar object on the protostellar envelope around HL Tau

Use of Stereoscopic Visualization for Perceiving Rotational Motions

Управление конформациями молекул ДНК с помощью геометрических и физических параметров

A Model Predictive Control-based Motion Cueing Algorithm using an optimized Nonlinear Scaling for Driving Simulators

Regional moment tensor inversion using rotational observations

Current-induced rotations of molecular gears

Self-Adaptive Filtering Approach for Improved Indoor Localization of a Mobile Node with Zigbee-Based RSSI and Odometry

A Computational Framework for Data Fusion in MEMS-Based Cardiac and Respiratory Gating

Molecular-Level Understanding of Translational and Rotational Motions of C2H6, C3H8, and n-C4H10 and Their Binary Mixtures with CO2 in ZIF-10

Adaptive back–stepping robust control of a 3–[P2(US)] parallel robot on optimal trajectory

Retarded solid-state rotations of an oval-shaped guest in a deformed cylinder with CH-π arrays.

Viscosities of some fatty acid esters and biodiesel fuels from a rough hard-sphere-chain model and artificial neural network

Molecular rotation in 3 dimensions at an air/water interface using femtosecond time resolved sum frequency generation.

Thermal and structural properties, and molecular dynamics in organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite (C2H5NH3)2ZnCl4

Oscillation of a small Halpha surge in a solar polar coronal hole

Control of -Autonomous Surface Vehicle Using Sliding Mode Control

Internal model control for the AMB high-speed flywheel rotor system based on modal separation and inverse system method

Reconfigurable ferromagnetic liquid droplets

Stepwise Homogeneous Melting of Benzene Phase I at High Pressure

ALMA reveals a pseudo-disc in a proto-brown dwarf

Modeling and dynamic response of parallel shaft gear transmission in non-inertial system

Dynamic analysis of electrohydraulic cable-driven parallel robots

A Human-Following Mobile Robot Providing Natural and Universal Interfaces for Control With Wireless Electronic Devices

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Rotational Motions 회전 운동

Rotational Motions 회전 운동
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