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Root Microbiome sentence examples within Plant Root Microbiome

Investigating the Role of Root Exudates in Recruiting Streptomyces Bacteria to the Arabidopsis thaliana Microbiome

Biocontrol of Cereal Crop Diseases Using Streptomycetes

Root Microbiome sentence examples within Endophytic Root Microbiome

At the root of the problem

Pathogen-induced activation of disease-suppressive functions in the endophytic root microbiome

Root Microbiome sentence examples within Beneficial Root Microbiome

Rearranging the sugarcane holobiont via plant growth-promoting bacteria and nitrogen input.

Jasmonic Acid, Not Salicyclic Acid Restricts Endophytic Root Colonization of Rice

Root Microbiome sentence examples within Altered Root Microbiome

A Novel Signaling Pathway Required for Arabidopsis Endodermal Root Organization Shapes the Rhizosphere Microbiome

Two Receptor-Like Kinases Required For Arabidopsis Endodermal Root Organisation Shape The Rhizosphere Microbiome

Root Microbiome sentence examples within Protective Root Microbiome

The Chemistry of Stress: Understanding the ‘Cry for Help’ of Plant Roots

Absence of Nanoparticle-Induced Drought Tolerance in Nutrient Sufficient Wheat Seedlings.

Root Microbiome sentence examples within root microbiome composition

A Novel Signaling Pathway Required for Arabidopsis Endodermal Root Organization Shapes the Rhizosphere Microbiome

Plant-derived coumarins shape the composition of an Arabidopsis synthetic root microbiome

Root Microbiome sentence examples within root microbiome recruitment

Integration of omics data to unravel root microbiome recruitment.

The chemical ecology of protective microbiomes in plant roots and leafcutter ants

Root Microbiome sentence examples within root microbiome assembly

Root-Associated Streptomyces Isolates Harboring melC Genes Demonstrate Enhanced Plant Colonization

Role of Vertical Transmission of Shoot Endophytes in Root-Associated Microbiome Assembly and Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulation in Sedum alfredii.

Root Microbiome sentence examples within root microbiome consist

Rhizosphere-Associated Pseudomonas Suppress Local Root Immune Responses by Gluconic Acid-Mediated Lowering of Environmental pH

Plant-Beneficial Pseudomonas Spp. Suppress Local Root Immune Responses by Gluconic Acid-Mediated Lowering of Environmental pH

Root Microbiome sentence examples within root microbiome study

The hierarchy of root branching order determines bacterial composition, microbial carrying capacity and microbial filtering

Germination, Survival, and Establishment of a Rare Riparian Species Alnus maritima

Novel and Emerging Capabilities that Can Provide a Holistic Understanding of the Plant Root Microbiome

Organic-Inorganic Fertilization Built Higher Stability of Soil And Root Microbial Networks Than Exclusive Mineral Or Organic Fertilization

The Phosphate Starvation Response System: its role in the regulation of plant-microbe interactions.

Distinguishing Between the Impacts of Heat and Drought Stress on the Root Microbiome of Sorghum bicolor

Decomposing cover crops modify root-associated microbiome composition and disease tolerance of cash crop seedlings

Soil-Borne Legacies of Disease in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Characterization of maize root microbiome in two different soils by minimizing plant DNA contamination in metabarcoding analysis

Using transects to disentangle the environmental drivers of plant microbiome assembly.

Submerged macrophytes recruit unique microbial communities and drive functional zonation in an aquatic system.

Wheat Root and Rhizosphere Microbiome Structures and Functions Along Plant Growth

Genome-resolved metagenomics reveals role of iron metabolism in drought-induced rhizosphere microbiome dynamics

Plant evolution overwhelms geographical origin in shaping rhizosphere fungi across latitudes.

Commensal Pseudomonas fluorescens protect Arabidopsis from closely-related Pseudomonas pathogens in a colonization-dependent manner

Biotechnological potential of plant associated microorganisms

Keep your friends close: Host compartmentalisation of microbial communities facilitates decoupling from effects of habitat fragmentation.

Rhizosphere Metagenomics: Methods and Challenges

Insights into the plant responses to drought and decoding the potential of root associated microbiome for inducing drought tolerance.

Multikingdom diffusion barrier control

Soil Microbes in Plant Growth Promotion and for Mitigation of Abiotic Stress of Drought

Root rot alters the root-associated microbiome of field pea in commercial crop production systems

Understanding the potential of root microbiome influencing salt-tolerance in plants and mechanisms involved at the transcriptional and translational level.

The core root microbiome of Spartina alterniflora is predominated by sulfur-oxidizing and sulfate-reducing bacteria in Georgia salt marshes, USA

Manipulating exudate composition from root apices shapes the microbiome throughout the root system.

Drought Stress Triggers Shifts in the Root Microbial Community and Alters Functional Categories in the Microbial Gene Pool

Successive plant growth amplifies genotype-specific assembly of the tomato rhizosphere microbiome.

Pairwise Interactions of Three Related Pseudomonas Species in Plant Roots and Inert Surfaces

Pectin Induced Colony Expansion of Soil-Derived Flavobacterium Strains

Specific modulation of the root immune system by a community of commensal bacteria

The Rhizosphere Responds: Rich Fen Peat and Root Microbial Ecology after Long-Term Water Table Manipulation

Impact of Introduction of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on the Root Microbial Community in Agricultural Fields

Unravelling the role of vegetation in the attenuation of contaminants of emerging concern from wetland systems: Preliminary results from column studies.

Decoding Wheat Endosphere–Rhizosphere Microbiomes in Rhizoctonia solani–Infested Soils Challenged by Streptomyces Biocontrol Agents

Interactions between plants and soil shaping the root microbiome under abiotic stress

Agricultural intensification reduces microbial network complexity and the abundance of keystone taxa in roots

Characterizing Structure and Potential Function of Bacterial and Fungal Root Microbiota in Hulless Barley Cultivars

Modulation of the Root Microbiome by Plant Molecules: The Basis for Targeted Disease Suppression and Plant Growth Promotion

Olea europaea L. Root Endophyte Bacillus velezensis OEE1 Counteracts Oomycete and Fungal Harmful Pathogens and Harbours a Large Repertoire of Secreted and Volatile Metabolites and Beneficial Functional Genes

Dysfunction in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis has consistent but small effects on the establishment of the fungal microbiota in Lotus japonicus

Defense hormones modulate root microbiome diversity and composition in tomato

Efficacy of Commercial Symbiotic Bio-fertilizer Consortium For Mitigating the Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (oqds)

NRT1.1B is associated with root microbiota composition and nitrogen use in field-grown rice

Harnessing the microbiome to control plant parasitic weeds

Importance of plant‐ and microbe‐driven metabolic pathways for plant defence

Potential use of endophytic root bacteria and host plants to degrade hydrocarbons.

Streptomyces endophytes promote the growth of Arabidopsis thaliana

Rhizobium Inoculation Drives the Shifting of Rhizosphere Fungal Community in a Host Genotype Dependent Manner

Agricultural Management Affects Root-Associated Microbiome Recruitment Over Maize Development

Beneficial microbes going underground of root immunity

Does Soil Contribute to the Human Gut Microbiome?

Root traits and belowground herbivores relate to plant–soil feedback variation among congeners

Land Management and Microbial Seed Load Effect on Rhizosphere and Endosphere Bacterial Community Assembly in Wheat

Molecular dialogue between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the nonhost plant Arabidopsis thaliana switches from initial detection to antagonism.

Interspecies Social Spreading: Interaction between Two Sessile Soil Bacteria Leads to Emergence of Surface Motility

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