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Self-navigated versus navigator-gated 3D MRI sequence for non-enhanced aortic root measurement in transcatheter aortic valve intervention

Aortic root measurement on CT: linear dimensions, aortic root area and comparison with echocardiography. A retrospective cross sectional study.

Digging roots is easier with AI.

On the Duality Between the BSC and Quantum PSC

German Aortic Root Repair Registry - Insights from the First 400 Consecutive Patients.

Morphometric Analysis Comparing Human Mandibular Deciduous Molars using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Testing deep placement of an 15N tracer as a method for in situ deep root phenotyping of wheat, barley and ryegrass

Bunchgrass Root Abundances and Their Relationship to Resistance and Resilience of Burned Shrub-Steppe Landscape

Union bound for quantum information processing

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Root Measurement 루트 측정

Root Measurement 루트 측정
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