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Reduction of central line-associated bloodstream infections in a large acute care hospital in Midwest United States following implementation of a comprehensive central line insertion and maintenance bundle


Contaminated flexible endoscopes: Review of impact of channel sampling methods on culture results and recommendations for root-cause analysis.

Spectral Imaging and Computer Vision for High-Throughput Defect Detection and Root-Cause Analysis of Silicon Nanopillar Arrays

Zeroing in on the root cause of the clots in a blood bag: Reinforcing improvement in blood collection practices.

Analysis of NVMe-SSD to passthrough GPU data transfer in virtualized systems

Implementing an Evidence-Based Bundle to Reduce Early Labor Admissions and Increase Adherence to Labor Arrest Guidelines: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Failure Diagnosis and Root-Cause Analysis of In-Service and Defective Distribution Transformers

Enhancing patient flow in emergency department (ED) using lean strategies-an integrated voice of customer and voice of process perspective

Constraint-Based Thinking: A Structured Approach for Developing Frugal Innovations

Anomaly Mining - Past, Present and Future

Unsupervised Root-Cause Analysis with Transfer Learning for Integrated Systems

Humidity in Power Converters of Wind Turbines—Field Conditions and Their Relation with Failures

Phylogenetic analysis in the clinical risk management of an outbreak of Hepatitis C Virus infection among transfused thalassemia patients in Italy.


Root-cause Analysis for Time-series Anomalies via Spatiotemporal Graphical Modeling in Distributed Complex Systems

Reducing late-onset neonatal sepsis in very low birthweight neonates with central lines in a low-and-middle-income country setting

Visual Exploration of Anomalies in Cyclic Time Series Data with Matrix and Glyph Representations

An Outbreak of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among Transfused Thalassemia Patients: Root Cause Analysis, Phylogenetic Epidemiology and Antiviral Therapy

Analysis and Mitigation of Self-Sustained Turn-off Oscillations in SiC JFET Supercascode Circuits

Case study: Understanding the formation of squat-type defects in a metropolitan railway

Letter of response to “Safety of perfluorocarbon liquids cannot be the retinologist responsibility” by Carlos Pastor

Cross-Protocol Unfairness between Adaptive Streaming Clients over HTTP/3 and HTTP/2: A Root-Cause Analysis

An Ensembled Anomaly Detector for Wafer Fault Detection

Troubled IS/IT projects: searching for the root causes

Reducing failure to rescue rates in a paediatric in-patient setting: A 9-year quality improvement study.

Editorial: missed opportunities to detect colorectal cancer in inflammatory bowel disease—getting to the root

Quality and Safety in Healthcare, Part XCI: Lean Thinking in Healthcare.

IPEM topical report: results of a 2020 UK survey for the use of online treatment monitoring solutions for IMRT/VMAT.

#45: Reopening a Successful Stem-cell Transplantation Unit in a Public Children’s Hospital in La Plata, Argentina

Trace-based Intelligent Fault Diagnosis for Microservices with Deep Learning

Cross-protocol Unfairness between Adaptive Streaming Clients over HTTP/3 and HTTP/2: A Root-Cause Analysis

A quality improvement intervention to improve early initiation of breastfeeding among newborns delivered at a secondary level hospital in northern India.

Tubing Failure in HP/HT Wells Investigated and Mitigated

Physics-based vibration feature for detecting eccentric workpiece/runout faults during continuous generating gear grinding processes

TRACK: A New Method from a Re-examination of Deep Architectures for Head Motion Prediction in 360-degree Videos.

DIFF: a relational interface for large-scale data explanation

Improving observability in Event Sourcing systems

E2EWatch: An End-to-End Anomaly Diagnosis Framework for Production HPC Systems

Root-Cause Analysis of Mortality Following Pancreatic Resection (CARE Study): A Multicenter Cohort Study.

Proposed Application of an IoT-based Predictive Maintenance to Improve O&M of University Project by FM Company: A Six Sigma Approach

An adaptive fault detection and root-cause analysis scheme for complex industrial processes using moving window KPCA and information geometric causal inference

Development of a Nursing Application to Minimize Drug Calculation Errors and Estimate Patient Assessment Scores.

The Root-Cause Analysis on Failed Patient-Specific Measurements of Pencil-Beam-Scanning Protons.

Lean problem-solving

Identification of root cause based on simulation approach

Half of Postoperative Death After Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Could be Preventable: A French Root Cause Analysis on 5562 Patients.

Edge placement error wafer mapping and investigation for improvement in advanced DRAM node

Learning Temporal Causal Sequence Relationships from Real-Time Time-Series

Root-cause analysis of process-data quality problems

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Root Cause Analysis 근본 원인 분석

Root Cause Analysis 근본 원인 분석
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