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Announcing Automated Lane Changes: Active Vehicle Roll Motions as Feedback for the Driver

Human - System Cooperation in Automated Driving

Numerical simulation of Sewol ferry capsize

Dynamic response of a wedge through asymmetric free fall in 2 degrees of freedom

Development and evaluation with MIL and HIL simulations of a LQR-based upper-level electronic stability control

Control of chaos in vehicle lateral motion using the sliding mode variable structure control

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Numerical modelling and wave tank testing of a self-reacting two-body wave energy device

Study on TMD Control on Stability Improvement of Barge-Supported Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Based on the Multi-Island Genetic Algorithm

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Evaluation of Speed Loss in Bulk Carriers with Actual Data from Rough Sea Voyages

Rollover prevention for a heavy vehicle using optimised slide mode steering control

Rudder Roll Damping Autopilot Using Dual Extended Kalman Filter-Trained Neural Networks for Ships in Waves

An Improved Method Based on CPG to Achieve Trotting Gait of Quadrupedal Robot

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Benchmark data and comprehensive uncertainty analysis of two-body interaction model tests in a towing tank

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Active Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control of an Unmanned Quadrotor Helicopter under Sensor Faults

Investigation of nonlinear landing gear behavior and dynamic responses on high performance aircraft

A Reconfigurable Integrated Control for Narrow Tilting Vehicles

Integrated yaw and rollover stability control of an off-road vehicle with mechanical elastic wheel

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Roll Motions 롤 모션

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