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Influence of Initial Stress and Deformation States on the Shear Creep Behavior of Rock Discontinuities with Different Joint Roughness Coefficients

Slip behavior of rough rock discontinuity under high velocity impact: Experiments and models

Measurement of Rock Joint Surfaces by Using Smartphone Structure from Motion (SfM) Photogrammetry

Automatic extraction of rock discontinuities from point clouds using dynamic DBSCAN algorithm

An experimental system to evaluate impact shear failure of rock discontinuities.

An investigation of the possibility of estimating the residual shear strength of rough joints using planar small joint in limestone rocks

Dynamic evolution of shear rate-dependent behavior of rock discontinuity under shearing condition

Technical Development for Extraction of Discontinuities in Rock Mass Using LiDAR

A Basin-Scale Groundwater Flow Model of the Columbia Plateau Regional Aquifer System in the Palouse (USA): Insights for Aquifer Vulnerability Assessment

Evolution of contact area and aperture during the shearing process of natural rock fractures

The material-structure duality of rock mass: Insight from numerical modeling

An Open-Source Algorithm for 3D ROck Slope Kinematic Analysis (ROKA)

Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning-Based Method for Identifying Rock Discontinuities

Slope Stability Analysis Based on Rock Mass Rating, Geological Strength Index and Kinematic Analysis in Vindhyan Rock Formation

Computational tools for the analysis of circular failure of rock slopes

An Optimal 3D-LS Method with High Accuracy and Efficiency to Identify Rock Discontinuities Considering Its Development Degree and Its Application

Measuring Carbonate Rock Strength using Spectroscopy across the Optical and Thermal Region

Ultrasonic S-wave responses of single rock joints filled with wet bentonite clay

An automated fracture trace detection technique using the complex shearlet transform

Three-dimensional characterization method of pile–rock interface roughness based on fractal geometry

Experimental Study of Factors Controlling Tilt-Test Results Performed on Saw-Cut Rock Joints

Linking bedrock discontinuities to glacial quarrying

Shear Behavior of Unfilled-Planar Quartzitic Rock Joints with Reference to Weathering Grade of Joint Surfaces

Detection of rock bridges by infrared thermal imaging and modeling

On the usability of different optical measuring techniques for joint roughness evaluation

An automated fracture trace detection technique using the complex shearlet transform

Range Versus Surface Denoising of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data for Rock Discontinuity Roughness Estimation

Monitoring of Tempi Valley Critical Rock Masses: Establishment of Special Monitoring Network and Procedures in Aegean Motorway S.A. Concession Project

Accuracy and reliability evaluation of 3D-LS for the discontinuity orientation identification with different registration/georeferencing modes

Infrared Thermographic Imaging in Geoengineering and Geoscience

Experimental Study on Shear Behavior of a Rock Discontinuity Under Various Thermal, Hydraulic and Mechanical Conditions

Experimental Studies on the Basic Friction Angle of Planar Rock Surfaces by Tilt Test

Comparison of Mechanically Determined with Profile-Based Joint Roughness Coefficients

Volumetric fracturing behavior of 3D printed artificial rocks containing single and double 3D internal flaws under static uniaxial compression

Stability Assessment of an Underground Limestone Mine Considering Hydro-Mechanical Characteristics of Fractured Rock Mass

Experimental Investigation on the Shear Properties of Heterogeneous Discontinuities

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Rock Discontinuities 바위의 불연속성

Rock Discontinuities 바위의 불연속성
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