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A novel vehicle tracking and speed estimation with varying UAV altitude and video resolution

Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Adverse Weather Using a Deep Learning Framework

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Robust counterpart open capacitated vehicle routing problem with hard time windows on waste transportation problems

Agricultural rout planning with variable rate pesticide application in a greenhouse environment

An ontology-based knowledge management approach supporting simulation-aided design for car crash simulation in the development phase

Development of Optimal Parameter Estimation Methodologies Applied to a 3DOF Autonomous Surface Vessel

Geotechnical reliability-based design using generalized subset simulation with a design response vector

Extracellular vesicles: Vehicles of en bloc viral transmission.

Hyponatraemia, harm reduction and the O’Hara report from Northern Ireland

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128 Improving learning from incidents – taking a local approach through DRM

Roles, Collaboration, and the Development of Computational Thinking in a Robotics Learning Environment

Hybrid and Composite Scaffolds Based on Extracellular Matrices for Cartilage Tissue Engineering.

A practical guide for understanding online business models

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Robust Vehicle 견고한 차량

Robust Vehicle 견고한 차량
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