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A Magnetorheological Fluids-Based Robot-Assisted Catheter/Guidewire Surgery System for Endovascular Catheterization

A Gaussian-Based Guidewire Segmentation and Tracking Method for Teleoperated Robotic Intravascular Interventions

Robotic Catheter sentence examples within robotic catheter system

Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Force Sensing in Robot-Assisted Cardiac Interventions: A Review

A Preliminary Study on Surface Electromyography Signal Analysis for Motion Characterization During Catheterization

Robotics, imaging, and artificial intelligence in the catheterisation laboratory.

Hysteresis Modeling of Robotic Catheters Based on Long Short-Term Memory Network for Improved Environment Reconstruction

Robot-Assisted Carotid Artery Stenting: A Safety and Feasibility Study

Expert Surgeons Can Smoothly Control Robotic Tools With a Discrete Control Interface

Autonomous robotic intracardiac catheter navigation using haptic vision

Ultrasound-Assisted Guidance With Force Cues for Intravascular Interventions

Learning-based Parameter Estimation for Hysteresis Modeling in Robotic Catheterization

Transbronchial biopsy catheter enhanced by a multisection continuum robot with follow-the-leader motion

Autonomous piloting in a beating heart

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Robotic Catheter 로봇 카테터

Robotic Catheter 로봇 카테터
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