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Robot-Assisted Surgery for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma.

Optimization-Based Constrained Trajectory Generation for Robot-Assisted Stitching in Endonasal Surgery

Comparison of Outcomes Following TiRobot-Assisted Sacroiliac Screw Fixation with Bone Grafting and Traditional Screw Fixation without Bone Grafting for Unstable Osteoporotic Sacral Fracture: A Single-Center Retrospective Study of 33 Patients

Preliminary clinical experience of robot-assisted surgery in treatment with genioplasty

Augmented reality in robotic assisted orthopaedic surgery: A pilot study

Enhancing the Localization of Uterine Leiomyomas Through Cutaneous Softness Rendering for Robot-Assisted Surgical Palpation Applications

Automatic Surgical Field of View Control in Robot-Assisted Nasal Surgery

Estimating the Pose of a Guinea-pig Cochlea Without Medical Imaging

Cervical lymphatic malformations amenable to transhairline robotic surgical excision in children

Surgical Hand Gesture Recognition Utilizing Electroencephalogram as Input to the Machine Learning and Network Neuroscience Algorithms

P36. Quantifying complications associated with robotic elective spine surgery

180. Do robotic procedures have improved perioperative outcomes after a learning curve period

Microscopic Omental Metastasis in Type II Endometrial Cancer Clinically Confined to the Uterus

Nerve-sparing Robot-assisted Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection: The Monoblock Technique

Improved total knee arthroplasty pain outcome when joint gap targets are achieved throughout flexion

Performance investigation of PID controller in trajectory control of two-link robotic manipulator in medical robots

Robotic surgery techniques to approach benign prostatic hyperplasia disease: A comprehensive literature review and the state of art

Study on cutting force of reaming porcine bone and substitute bone.

Survival Analysis Using Surgeon Skill Metrics and Patient Factors to Predict Urinary Continence Recovery After Robot-assisted Radical Prostatectomy.

Social implementation of a remote surgery system in Japan: a field experiment using a newly developed surgical robot via a commercial network

Anesthetic management of a morbidly obese patient with endometrial cancer during robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery

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Robot Assisted Surgical 로봇 보조 수술

Robot Assisted Surgical 로봇 보조 수술
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