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Rhenium Disulfide sentence examples within transition metal dichalcogenide

A Review on Rhenium Disulfide: Synthesis Approaches, Optical Properties, and Applications in Pulsed Lasers

A Review on Rhenium Disulfide: Synthesis Approaches, Optical Properties, and Applications in Pulsed Lasers

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Optical and electrical properties of monolayer ReS2 developed via chemical vapor deposition on SiO2/Si substrate

Abnormal temperature-dependent photoluminescence characteristics of ReS2 nanowalls

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An Optogenetics-Inspired Flexible van der Waals Optoelectronic Synapse and its Application to a Convolutional Neural Network.

1.3 μm Q-switched solid-state laser based on few-layer ReS2 saturable absorber

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Nanoconfined ReS2 in biomass-derived 3D porous N-doped carbon architecture as anode for stable lithium-ion storage

ReS2/ZnIn2S4 heterojunctions with enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution performance for water splitting

Anisotropy of two-dimensional ReS2 and advances in its device application

Fluorination activates the basal plane HER activity of ReS2: a combined experimental and theoretical study

MoS2–ReS2/rGO: A novel ternary hybrid nanostructure as a pseudocapacitive energy storage material

Fabrication of 1D Te/2D ReS2 Mixed-Dimensional van der Waals p-n Heterojunction for High-Performance Phototransistor.

Polyvinylalcohol (PVA)-Assisted Exfoliation of ReS2 Nanosheets and the Use of ReS2-PVA Composites for Transparent Memristive Photosynapse Devices.

Enhanced Selectivity in Volatile Organic Compound Gas Sensors Based on ReS2-FETs under Light-Assisted and Gate-Bias Tunable Operation.

Opposite behavior of ultrafast dynamics of exciton shift and linewidth broadening in bilayer ReS2

Structural and High-Pressure Properties of Rheniite (ReS2) and (Re,Mo)S2

Direct observation of enhanced performance in suspended ReS2 photodetectors.

Chalcogenide vacancies drive the electrocatalytic performance of rhenium dichalcogenides.

Physics and Modeling of Two-dimensional (2D) RF Transistors and Photodetectors

Synthesis and characterization of rhenium disulfide nanosheets decorated rGO as electrode towards hydrogen generation in different media

Passively $Q$ -Switched 2.95- $\mu$ m Bulk Laser Based on Rhenium Disulfide as Saturable Absorber

Rhenium disulfide nanosheets/carbon composite as novel anodes for high-rate and long lifespan sodium-ion batteries

Controllable growth of large-area atomically thin ReS2 films and their thickness-dependent optoelectronic properties

Multifunctional van der Waals Broken-Gap Heterojunction.

The Opposite Anisotropic Piezoresistive Effect of ReS2.

Atomic-registry-dependent electronic structures of sulfur vacancies in ReS2 studied by scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy

Van der Waals Broken-Gap p-n Heterojunction Tunnel Diode Based on Black Phosphorus and Rhenium Disulfide.

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Rhenium Disulfide 이황화레늄

Rhenium Disulfide 이황화레늄
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