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Structural revision of natural cyclic depsipeptide MA026 established by total synthesis and biosynthetic gene cluster analysis.

Total Synthesis of the Alleged Structure of Crenarchaeol Enables Structure Revision

The Oral Case Presentation: Time for a “Refresh”

Enantioselective Total Syntheses of the Proposed and Revised Structures of Methoxystemofoline: A Stereochemical Revision.

Total synthesis of LC-KA05, the proposed structure of LC-KA05-2, and 2,18-seco-lankacidinol B: A quest to revisit lankacidin biosynthesis

The Global Heat Flow Database: a collaborative and fundamental revision process to ensure comprehensible and reliable heat-flow records

Synthesis of the macrolactone core of the revised structure of palmerolide C

Eliminating Selves and Persons

Structural Revision of Hyperibrin B and Hyperscabrones H and I by Biosynthetic Considerations, NMR Analysis, and Chemical Synthesis.

Prospecting for natural products by genome mining and microcrystal electron diffraction

Structure Revision of the Lomaiviticins

Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of N6-hydroxyagelasine analogs and revision of the structure of ageloximes.

Total Synthesis of the Sensitive Triyne Natural Product (4S,5S)-4,8-Dihydroxy-3,4-dihydrovernoniyne and All of Its Stereoisomers.

Reinvestigation of a robotically revealed reaction

Natural Products Containing the Oxetane and Related Moieties Present Additional Challenges for Structure Elucidation: A DU8+ Computational Case Study.

Decahydroquinoline Ring 13C NMR Spectroscopic Patterns for the Stereochemical Elucidation of Phlegmarine-Type Lycopodium Alkaloids: Synthesis of (-)-Serralongamine A and Structural Reassignment and Synthesis of (-)-Huperzine K and (-)-Huperzine M (Lycoposerramine Y).

Prototypical Work Situations: A Robust, Flexible Means for Representing Activity in a Work Domain

Ovarian Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour with α-fetoprotein-producing intestinal glandular cells. Clinical case and short review of basic literature.

Synthesis, Structure Revision, and Cytotoxicity of Nocarbenzoxazole G.

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Revised Structure 수정된 구조

Revised Structure 수정된 구조
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