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Reversible Circuits sentence examples within Synthesizing Reversible Circuits

An Improved Design of n-Bit Universal Reversible Gate Library

Towards Reducing Reversible Circuit Synthesis Time

Reversible Circuits sentence examples within Quantum Reversible Circuits

Cost Optimization Technique for Quantum Circuits

Boolean Difference Technique for Detecting All Missing Gate and Stuck-at Faults in Reversible Circuits

Reversible Circuits sentence examples within Bit Reversible Circuits

Synthesis Strategy of Reversible Circuits on DNA Computers

Optimization of Reversible Circuits Using Toffoli Decompositions with Negative Controls

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Reversible Circuits sentence examples within Linear Reversible Circuits

Gaussian Elimination versus Greedy Methods for the Synthesis of Linear Reversible Circuits

Reducing the Depth of Linear Reversible Quantum Circuits

Reversible Circuits sentence examples within reversible circuits employ

Identification of Synthesis Approaches for IP/IC Piracy of Reversible Circuits

Reversible Circuits: IC/IP Piracy Attacks and Countermeasures

A reversible circuit synthesis algorithm with progressive increase of controls in generalized Toffoli gates

A new method for reversible circuit synthesis using a Simulated Annealing algorithm and don’t-cares

An Efficient Design for Testability Approach of Reversible Logic Circuits

Reversible multiplier with a column-wise structure and a reduced number of ancilla inputs and garbage outputs

StoqMA meets distribution testing

Design of Parity Preserving Arithmetic and Logic Unit using Reversible Logic Gates

Design of Single-Bit Fault-Tolerant Reversible Circuits

Accomplishment of Reversible Logic Gates in WSN Environment by Patternization

Modular Adders Based on Reversible Circuits

Design and analysis of SRAM cell using reversible logic gates towards smart computing

Efficient Synthesis of Reversible Circuits Using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata

Post-Synthesis Optimization of Reversible Circuits

A New Cost-Efficient Design of a Reversible Gate Based on a Nano-Scale Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Technology

Efficient designs of reversible latches with low quantum cost

Simplification and modification of multiple controlled Toffoli circuits for testability

Implementation of CMOS Logic Circuits with Perfect Fault Detection Using Preservative Reversible Gates

Nash embedding: a road map to realizing quantum hardware.

Computational analysis and comparison of reversible gates for design and test of logic circuits

Towards HDL-based Synthesis of Reversible Circuits with No Additional Lines

Design and Analysis of Energy Efficient Reversible Logic based Full Adder

An improved KFDD based reversible circuit synthesis method

Implementation of Reversible Circuits in Modular Adders

Novel design of reversible priority encoder in quantum dot cellular automata based on Toffoli gate and Feynman gate

Revisiting Logic Locking for Reversible Computing

Perfect Concurrent Fault Detection in CMOS Logic Circuits Using Parity Preservative Reversible Gates

Test Generation for Bridging Faults in Reversible Circuits Using Path-Level Expressions

LIGHTER-R: Optimized Reversible Circuit Implementation For SBoxes

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Reversible Circuits 가역 회로

Reversible Circuits 가역 회로
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