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Chiral analysis of cis-2-methyl-4-propyl-1,3-oxathiane and identification of cis-2,4,4,6-tetramethyl-1,3-oxathiane in wine.

Exploring Patterns of Social Relationships among Food Bloggers on Twitter Using a Social Network Analysis Approach

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Future Competency Requirements in Logistics Due to Industry 4.0: A Systematic Literature Review

Structural Controllability of an NDS With LFT Parameterized Subsystems

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Metabolic Profiling of Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Reveals Multifaceted Effects in an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model

Finite element simulation and analysis of hydration heat in large-volume pile caps

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The Relationship Between Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Consumer Engagement: An Exploratory Study

Stability enhancement optimization method for suppressing speed fluctuation under large-scale speed regulation process of super-high-speed electric air compressor

Surrogates for the removal by ozonation of the cytotoxicity and DNA double-strand break effects of wastewater on mammalian cells.

Effectiveness of Thymoglobulin Induction Therapy in Kidney Transplant From Deceased Donor With Mild to Moderate Acute Kidney Injury.

Experimental investigation of electric discharge parameters in correlation with peak pressure at industrial electrohydraulic forming

Di- and trivalent chromium bis(pyrazol-3-yl)pyridine pincer complexes with good leaving groups

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Reveal Influence 영향력을 드러내라

Reveal Influence 영향력을 드러내라
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