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Impact of Relaxing the Hukou Constraints on Return Migration Intentions: Evidence from China

Satisfaction and Its Relationship with Loyalty in Ecotourism: A Study in Costa Rica

Research on the Mechanism of the Influence of E-WOM Dispersion on Consumers Return Intention

Leveraging customer-to-customer interactions to create immersive and memorable theme park experiences

The Impact of Consequences Awareness of Public Environment on Medicine Return Behavior: A Moderated Chain Mediation Model

Between desires and reality: Investigating the return intentions among the second generation members of migrants from Serbia in Switzerland


Sustainability through remanufacturing of e-waste: Examination of critical factors in the Indian context

Understanding consumers’ behavior intentions towards dealing with the plastic waste: Perspective of a developing country

Why and when witnessing uncivil behavior leads observers to punish frontline employees and leave the firm

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Role of Self-Congruity in Predicting Travel Intention

Older immigrants living in Switzerland and ambivalence related to return around the retirement period

Examining customer perceptions of restaurant restroom cleanliness and their impact on satisfaction and intent to return

The return intentions of China’s rural migrants: A study of Nanjing and Suzhou

Push and pull factors influencing Mainland Chinese MEd students in Hong Kong

The Nexus Between Higher Education Funding and Return Migration Examined

Restaurant Authenticity: Factors That Influence Perception, Satisfaction and Return Intentions at Regional American-Style Restaurants

A Good Night’s Sleep Matters for Tourists: An Empirical Study for Hospitality Professionals

Assessing the Impact of Sanitation on Customer Retention: A Survey of Restaurants in the Tamale Metropolis

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Return Intention 반환 의도

Return Intention 반환 의도
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