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Investment apportionments among participants of PPP rental retirement villages

Government compensation and costs of non-competition guarantee for PPP rental retirement villages

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Forecasting residential building costs in New Zealand using a univariate approach

Energy Management through Cost Forecasting for Residential Buildings in New Zealand

Relationship between Device Performance, Trust and User Behaviour in a Care-taking Scenario

Interventions to Reduce Anticholinergic Burden in Adults Aged 65 and Older: A Systematic Review.

Developing assistive robots for people with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia: a qualitative study with older adults and experts in aged care

An education intervention to improve decision making and health literacy among older Australians: a randomised controlled trial

A spatio-legal approach to the intermediate housing-with-care solutions for older people: exploring the adoption of a retirement village concept in Finland

Trial feasibility and process evaluation of a motivationally-embellished group peer led walking intervention in retirement villages using the RE-AIM framework: the residents in action trial (RiAT)

Orienting solar panels to minimise power shortfall

The Potential Importance of Housing Type for Older People’s Physical Activity Levels

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Intergenerational exchange and the possibilities of role substitution for older people

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Retirement Village 은퇴촌

Retirement Village 은퇴촌
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