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Paying it Back: Real-World Debt Service Trends and Implications for Retirement Planning

Spending to and through retirement

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The Informativeness of Estimation Moments

Sensitivity of Estimation Precision to Moments with an Application to a Model of Joint Retirement Planning of Couples

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Financial retirement planning among self employed workers in Malaysia: A conceptual investigation

Actuarial Modeling and Analysis of the Hong Kong Life Annuity Scheme

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How Do Children Affect the Need to Save for Retirement?

Gender Diversity Towards Investment Decision For Retirement Preparation

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Skint: Retirement? Financial Hardship and Retirement Planning Behaviors

Consumer Financial Knowledge and Retirement Planning Behaviors

Retirement Planning sentence examples within retirement planning assumption

Paying it Back: Real-World Debt Service Trends and Implications for Retirement Planning

Spending to and through retirement

Retirement Planning sentence examples within retirement planning among

The effect of financial literacy and gender on retirement planning among young adults

Financial insight and behaviour of household consumers in Port Elizabeth

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Multidimensional Retirement Planning Behaviors, Retirement Confidence, and Post-Retirement Health and Well-Being Among Chinese Older Adults in Hong Kong

Determinants of seeking advice within defined contribution retirement savings schemes

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The retirement experiences of women academics: a qualitative, descriptive study

Reframing the Retirement Saving Challenge: Getting to a Sustainable Lifestyle Level

Self-Efficacy Perspective on Retirement Preparedness

Factors Affecting Retirement Planning Ability

Psychological determinants of retirement financial planning behavior

Is Financial Literacy Dangerous? Financial Literacy, Behavioral Factors, and Financial Choices of Households

Analisis Pengaruh Financial Literacy, Future Orientation, Usia dan Gender terhadap Perencanaan Dana Pensiun PNS di Kota Surabaya

On retirement time decision making

Employees’ Retirement Saving Behaviour During The Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia

Peningkatan Pemahaman mengenai Perencanaan Pensiun pada Guru SMK di Palembang

Practical Applications of Retirement Planning: From Z to A

An Application of the Resource-Based Dynamic Process Model in the Context of Retirement Planning

Financial literacy, debt, risk tolerance and retirement preparedness: Evidence from New Zealand

Purposeful retirement expectations and their associations with retirement planning.

Financial Behaviour and Retirement Planning in Kenya, Assessing the Role of Self-Control Bias

Educação Financeira entre os empresários juniores da Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC, Bahia)

Does Having Ageist Attitudes in The Middle Aged Affect The Process of Retirement Planning

Perencanaan Kesejahteraan Hari Tua pada Warga Kelurahan Semolowaru Kecamatan Sukolilo Surabaya

The effects of COVID-19 on pediatric anesthesiologists: A survey of the members of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia.

An Exploratory Study on the Factors Affecting Retirement Planning among Working Women in the City of Bengaluru

Social Security Status and Retirement Planning of Salaried Class Investors: A Study of Haryana State


Evaluating the Evolution of the Personal Financial Planning Industry: Mutualism, Commensalism, or Parasitism

The Impacts of a Large-Scale Financial Education Intervention on Retirement Saving Behaviors and Portfolio Allocation: Evidence from Pension Fund Data

Prioritizing financial knowledge and skills within the doctor of pharmacy curriculum.

SeLFIES for Portugal: An Innovative Pan European Retirement Solution

What strategy of human resource management to retain older workers

Individual solutions to shared problems create a modern tragedy of the commons


Promoting a positive work experience for South African domestic workers

Psychosocial determinants and decision making in aging women’s retirement planning

Perceiving the Real Value: Inflation Communication, Money Illusion, and the Attractiveness of Investing

Using Vignettes to Improve Understanding of Social Security and Annuities

Evidências de Eficácia de Programas de Educação para Aposentadoria: Um Estudo Experimental

Sistema Pensional Colombiano: Implicaciones De La Educación Financiera Sobre Las Decisiones De Traslado De Los Individuos (Colombian Pension System: Implications of Financial Literacy on Retirement Planning Decisions)

Retirement Security, Finance Science, SeLFIES and The Flex MMM Plan

The Conditions of Fringe Benefits and Retirement Planning among Paid Workers

The Effect of Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion on Retirement Planning

Exploring Game Design for the Financial Education of Millenials

Engagement in Sport Career Transition Planning Enhances Performance

Retirement planning: the perceptions of pre-retirement nurses within different hospitals in China.

Work after Retirement: Worklife Transitions of Career Public Employess

Glide Paths Based on a Retirement Goal and Depleting Human Capital

Trialing an online intervention to improve retirement planning goal setting and goal specificity

Determinants and Consequences of Financial Hardship Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Report From the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study

Interactivity in online pension planners enhances engagement with retirement planning – but not for everyone

Analysis of key barriers in retirement planning: An approach based on interpretive structural modeling

Optimal Glide Path Selection for Low-Volatility Assets


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Financial Literacy Assessment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

To Borrow or Insure? Long Term Care Costs and the Impact of Housing

Financial Behavior of Working Women in Investment Decision-Making

Retirement Planning 은퇴 계획

Retirement Planning 은퇴 계획
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