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Implementation and Evaluation of an IPAC SWAT Team Mobilized to Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pragmatic Health System Innovation

Beyond flu: Trends in respiratory infection outbreaks in Ontario healthcare settings from 2007 to 2017, and implications for non-influenza outbreak management.

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Online Learning of Gait Models From Older Adult Data

Attitudes and Practice Regarding Disposal for Unwanted Medications among Young Adults and Elderly People in China from an Ecopharmacovigilance Perspective

The Detrimental Social Consequences of Child Marriage in the Slovenian Roma Population

Dental care in opinion of senior patients from Lublin

Hemodiafiltration for Intoxication with Lithium Unmasking Its Anti-Parkinsonian Effect

Risk factors for outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 infection at retirement homes in Ontario, Canada: a population-level cohort study

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Social robotic application to support active and healthy ageing

Superspreading events of SARS-CoV-2 in Paris: A retrospective analysis of data from the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020

Microwave Radar and Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Biomedical and Industrial Applications

Experiences of health care personnel in promoting a sense of home in older adults living in residential care settings: a qualitative systematic review protocol.

The Retrospective and Present Judgment of the Passage of Time in the Elderly

Harry C. Triandis (1926-2019).

Proximal humerus fractures in covid-19 lockdown: the experience of three orthopedics and traumatology departments in the first ten weeks of the italian epidemic

Editor’s introduction: Qualitative research in the course of a pandemic

Clozapine treatment and risk of severe COVID-19 infection.

Examining Health Service Rates Among Residents of Retirement Homes and Other Older Adult Populations in Ontario, Canada: A Population-Based Cohort Study

Increasing burden of nursing care on the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the ageing society: analyses during the first to the third wave of pandemic in Kyoto City, Japan

Insects and SARS-CoV-2: Analysis of the Potential Role of Vectors in European Countries.

Aging, housing markets and social inclusion: Insights from India.

Practitioners’ Experiences of the Influence of Bonsai Art on Health

Microbiological Contamination in Different Food Service Units Associated with Food Handling

Categorising patient concerns using natural language processing techniques

SmartCards as Analogous Tools to Operate Tablet Computers for Elderly—A Feasibility Study

Investigating Evacuation Behaviour in Retirement Facilities: Case Studies from New Zealand

Economic Burden of COPD by Disease Severity – A Nationwide Cohort Study in Denmark

Letter from Canada: A pandemic that has humbled us?

Does Angiotensin II receptor blockers increase the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection? A real-life experience.

Persisting maculopapular exanthema in a 78‐year‐old woman

Spiritual Needs of Elderly

Institutional rental housing market – new approaches and formats

Hallucinations and Covid-19: Increased Occurrence of Hallucinations in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease During Lockdown

Love dolls and sex robots in unproven and unexplored fields of application

Emerging COVID-19 reinfection four months after primary SARS-CoV-2 infection

Covid-19 and the next outbreak: decreasing frailty by using mild stress?

Smart IOT Based Healthcare Monitoring and Decision-Making System Using Augmented Data Recognition Algorithm

The Internal Environment and Basic Requirement Policy on the Performance of Retirement Homes

Assessment of Quality of Life and Activities of Daily Living among the Elderly Population of Rural Andhra Pradesh

Activity-monitoring in Private Households for Emergency Detection: A Survey of Common Methods and Existing Disaggregable Data Sources


Loneliness of residents in retirement homes during the Covid-19 crisis

‘The sequential organisation of gossip talk’

Loneliness of residents in retirement homes during the COVID-19 crisis.

Comparing Changes and Transitions of Home Care Clients in Retirement Homes and Private Homes.

The Moderating Role of Group Identification in Perceptions of Diversity—Exemplified by a Vignette Analysis of Diversely Characterized Muslims in Germany

Energy and protein intake in 330 geriatric orthopaedic patients: Are the current nutrition guidelines applicable?

THe Innovative Reminder in Senior-Focused Technology (THIRST) - Evaluation of Serious Games and Gadgets for Alzheimer Patients

Ingestion of bar soap may produce serious injury: clinical effects and risk factors

German nursing shortage in hospitals – Homemade by Profititis?

A set of efficient heuristics for a home healthcare problem

[Socialization in a retirement home, an issue for the resident. An ethnosociological study useful for nurses].

Meaning in life of older adults living in residential and nursing homes

HABITAT: An IoT Solution for Independent Elderly

Towards a real-time business processes validation algorithm

Benchmarking of contributory organisations within the framework of technical efficiency

A Decision Support System for Comfort optimization in a Smart Retirement Home

Reconnecting Man to Man: Socio-cultural Coviability Ties and Interculturality (Practical Research in a Sensitive Neighborhood in Montpellier, France)

Future Home 4.0 for People with Major Neurodegenerative Disorders, Finding the Contradictions

Historias de vida de puntarenas: Caso del hogar de ancianos de Esparza y Miramar, 2015-2016

Socioeconomic Differences in Retirement Adjustment among the Elderly Residing in Retirement Homes

Age Difference in Perceived Ease of Use, Curiosity, and Implicit Negative Attitude toward Robots

Disfagija u populaciji starijih osoba smještenih u ustanovama za starije i nemoćne

Optimizing the luminous environment using DiaLUX software at “Constantin and Elena” Elderly House – Study Case

Development and effectiveness of virtual interactive working memory training for older people with mild cognitive impairment: a single-blind randomised controlled trial.

Acute Care Utilization and Place of Death among Patients Discharged from an Inpatient Palliative Care Unit.

Perceived Resources and Satisfaction With Food-Related Life Among Ecuadorian Elderly.

A Real-Time Patient Monitoring Framework for Fall Detection

Towards Elderly Assistance Identification for Service Robot Using Combination of Mappings

Dasein – in Beziehung treten – Gott zur Sprache bringen

Navigating a Service Robot for Indoor Complex Environments

Sources and Temporal Variations of Coarse Particulate Matter (PM) in Central Tehran, Iran

Half-Private Elderly Care


Surface-attached sulfonamide containing quaternary ammonium antimicrobials for textiles and plastics

[Reduction of restraint, an innovative program].

Integration of Measurements and Time Diaries as Complementary Measures to Improve Resolution of BES

Dynamically accepting and scheduling patients for home healthcare

Réduction de la contention, un programme innovant

Information gaps in the market for social services: retirement homes in the Czech Republic


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