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Transient motion and chaotic dynamics in a pair of van der Pol oscillators

The second-order output spectrum-based method for fault localization in ring type structures

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A method for non-parametric identification of non-linear vibration systems with asymmetric restoring forces from a resonant decay response

A statistical method to detect non-stationarities of gamma-ray burst jets

Restoring Forces sentence examples within Passive Restoring Forces

Contour Models of Cellular Adhesion.

Tunable corrugated patterns in an active nematic sheet

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Restoring Forces sentence examples within Hydrostatic Restoring Forces

Prediction of Motions and Wave-Induced Loads on a Container Ship Using Nonlinear 3D Time-Domain Panel Method

Dependence of Roll and Roll Rate in Nonlinear Ship Motions in Following and Stern Quartering Seas

Stratified periodic water waves with singular density gradients

Study on control strategies for an antenna servo system on a carrier under large disturbance

Yet another echocardiographic index: do we need more?

Finite-element modelling of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA): Use of elastic foundations at material boundaries versus the geometrically non-linear formulation

Earthquake Isolation of a Spring-Damper-Friction System with a Convex Friction Distribution

Reversible morphological switching and deformation hysteresis in electric field mediated instability of thin elastic films.

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Nonlinear structural and acoustic responses of three-dimensional elastic cylindrical shells with internal mass-spring systems

Experimental demonstration of coherent superpositions in an ultrasonic pseudospin

Weakly nonlinear ship motion calculation and parametric rolling simulation based on the 3DTGF-HOBEM method

Nonlinear Analysis of Masonry Walls Based on a Damage-Plastic Formulation

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Hybrid time-domain model for ship motions in nonlinear extreme waves using HOS method

Nonlinear dynamic and acoustic analysis of orthogonally stiffened composite laminated cylindrical shells containing piecewise isolators

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Investigation on the mechanical design and manipulation hydrodynamics for a small sized, single body and streamlined I-AUV

Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: Real-Time Experiments Using Computer Vision

A Method to Estimate Effective Viscous Damping Ratio and Restoring Force From the Dynamic Response Data of Structures

Tests, model, and applications for coned-disc-spring vertical isolation bearings

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Left Ventricular Diastolic Function

General results on zonation in rotating systems with a β-effect and the electromagnetic force

Virtual Prototyping and Simulation of Multibody Marine Operations Using Web-Based Technologies

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Restoring Forces 복원력

Restoring Forces 복원력
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