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Assessment of pH Responsive Delivery of Methotrexate Based on PHEMA-st-PEG-DA Nanohydrogels

In situ vaccination and gene-mediated PD-L1 blockade for enhanced tumor immunotherapy

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Preparation of Nanostructured Lipid Drug Delivery Particles using Microfluidic Mixing.

Smart supramolecular gels of enolizable amphiphilic glycosylfuran.

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Furin-instructed aggregated gold nanoparticles for re-educating tumor associated macrophages and overcoming breast cancer chemoresistance.

Advances in Subcutaneous Delivery Systems of Biomacromolecular Agents for Diabetes Treatment

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Density functional theory based probe of the affinity interaction of saccharide ligands with extra-cellular sialic acid residues

A light-facilitated drug delivery system from a pseudo-protein/hyaluronic acid nanocomplex with improved anti-tumor effects.

Engaging Parents in Mental Health Services: A Qualitative Study of Community Health Workers’ Strategies in High Poverty Urban Communities

pH-Responsive Release of Ruthenium Metallotherapeutics from Mesoporous Silica-Based Nanocarriers

The optimized drug delivery systems of treating cancer bone metastatic osteolysis with nanomaterials

From Biomedical to Oil Industry: Promising Mesoporous Materials for Oil Field Applications

Multi-responsive nanofibers composite gel for local drug delivery to inhibit recurrence of glioma after operation

Recent progress and challenges for polymeric microsphere compared to nanosphere drug release systems: Is there a real difference?

Dual-drug delivery system based on the hydrogels of alginate and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose for colorectal cancer treatment.

An AIE-driven fluorescent polysaccharide polymersome as an enzyme-responsive FRET nanoprobe to study the real-time delivery aspects in live cells

Redox-Responsive, Reconfigurable All-Liquid Constructs.

Recent Innovations in Bacterial Infection Detection and Treatment.

Self-adaptive enzyme-powered micromotors with switchable propulsion mechanism and motion directionality

Fabrication of Flexible pH-Responsive Agarose/Succinoglycan Hydrogels for Controlled Drug Release

Design of thermoresponsive hydrogels by controlling the chemistry and imprinting of drug molecules within the hydrogel for enhanced loading and smart delivery of drugs

Physiological and Pathological Bases for Designing High Performance Drug Delivery Carriers

Stimuli-responsive carbon nanotubes for targeted drug delivery

Self-assembling Peptides in Current Nanomedicine: Versatile Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery.

Multifunctional drug carrier on the basis of 3d-4f Fe/La-MOFs for drug delivery and dual-mode imaging.

Cancer-targeted and glutathione-responsive micellar carriers for controlled delivery of cabazitaxel.

Stimuli-Responsive Drug-Delivery Systems Based on Supramolecular Nanovalves

Supramolecular phenoxy-alkyl maleate-based hydrogels and their enzyme/pH-responsive curcumin release

Redox-Responsive Polymeric Nanocomplex for Delivery of Cytotoxic Protein and Chemotherapeutics.

Recent advances in musculoskeletal local drug delivery.

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Responsive Delivery 반응형 전달

Responsive Delivery 반응형 전달
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