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Responsible Research sentence examples within Ethically Responsible Research

Reliability of Mouse Behavioural Tests of Anxiety: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Anxiolytics

FoGS provides a public FAQ repository for social and behavioral genomic discoveries.

Responsible Research sentence examples within Implement Responsible Research

From Responsible Research and Innovation to responsibility by design

Beyond Research Ethics: Dialogues in Neuro-ICT Research

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Promoting Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) During Brazilian Activities of Genomic and Epidemiological Surveillance of Arboviruses

Addressing Emerging Synthetic Biology Threats: The Role of Education and Outreach in Fostering Effective Bottom-Up Grassroots Governance

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Responsible Research sentence examples within Socially Responsible Research

A Patent Analysis to Identify Emergent Topics and Convergence Fields: A Case Study of Chitosan

Research abuses against people of colour and other vulnerable groups in early psychedelic research

Responsible Research sentence examples within responsible research practice

“Research for a Change”: A Book Review of Norma R. A. Romm’s Responsible Research Practice: Revisiting Transformative Paradigm in Social Research

Educating PhD Students in Research Integrity in Europe

Responsible Research sentence examples within responsible research conduct

A dramatized method for teaching undergraduate students responsible research conduct.

Train students to navigate ethical swamps

Insect feeds in salmon aquaculture: sociotechnical imagination and responsible story-telling

Responsible research and innovation and social licence to operate: aligning concepts for advancing marine innovation and development governance

Heritage Education and Digital Storytelling: Enriching Students’ Soft Skills, Citizenship and Participation in a RRI Perspective

Summary report on Workshop 2 laypersons’ perceptions of marine CDR, Deliverable 3.2

Methodological proposal to explore and design future health innovation policies and opportunities for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Build Back Better with Responsible AI

Group Solidarity Versus Individual Autonomy in Research Involving American Indian/Alaskan Native Communities

Learning Responsibility - Teaching Sustainability. Experiential and Transformative Learning in a Business School

Taking knowledge production seriously in responsible research and innovation

Perspectives of Sustainability

Co-Creation, Reflection, and Transformation. The Social Impact of a Service-Learning Course at the University of Szeged

Comunicación científica en el espacio digital. Acciones de difusión de proyectos de investigación del programa H2020

Responsible Data Governance in Projects: Applying a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Framework

An interdisciplinary conceptual study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for helping benefit-risk assessment practices: Towards a comprehensive qualification matrix of AI programs and devices (pre-print 2020)

Educating Future Business Leaders Through Values of Responsible Research and Innovation. Exploring the Potential of Sensitising Students in the Leading Business School of a Converging Economy

Innovation ecosystems for meeting sustainable development goals: The evolving roles of multinational enterprises

Digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas: A socio-cyber-physical system framework to support responsibilisation

Conduct responsible research to escape from predatory journals

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Higher Education (HE) Practice. RRI as a Tool for Research, Reflection, and Curricula Innovation

Does Proof of Concept Trump All? RRI Dilemmas in Research Practices

‘That would break the containment’: the co-production of responsibility and safety-by-design in xenobiology

Small-scale release of non-gene drive mosquitoes in Burkina Faso: from engagement implementation to assessment, a learning journey

(Broken) Promises of Sustainable Food and Agriculture through New Biotechnologies: The CRISPR Case.

Teaching university students co-creation and living lab methodologies through experiential learning activities and preparing them for RRI

Social dimensions of synthetic biology in the agrifood sector: the perspective of Chinese and EU scientists

Access to Biomedical Research Material and the Right to Data Protection in Finland

Responsible research and innovation in practice an exploratory assessment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a Nanomedicine Project

The Essentials of Marine Biotechnology

Standards. The building blocks of complexity

Is mathematical modelling an instrument of knowledge co-production?

Emphasizing Responsible Research and Innovation for the Media Facebook: Community Involvement in the Study on Agrobiodiversity

Interorganizational Collaboration in Innovation Networks: An Agent Based Model for Responsible Research and Innovation in Additive Manufacturing

Science philanthropy, energy systems research, and societal responsibility: A match made for the 21st century

The Estrela UNESCO Global Geopark Science and Education Network for Sustainable Development

An intersectional approach to analyse gender productivity and open access: a bibliometric analysis of the Italian National Research Council

Systematic Stakeholder Inclusion in Digital Agriculture: A Framework and Application to Canada

Management of COVID-19 at the pandemic’s first wave in Ecuador

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Responsible Research 책임 있는 연구

Responsible Research 책임 있는 연구
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