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Global scale life cycle environmental impacts of single- and multi-walled carbon nanotube synthesis processes

Análisis de las preferencias de los consumidores españoles hacia la miel de producción social y ambientalmente responsable frente a la de Comercio Justo

Responsible Production sentence examples within Socially Responsible Production

Finance 4.0—A Socio-Ecological Finance System

Content in the context of welfare configurations: a comparative institutional analysis of self-reporting on corporate social responsibility

Can technology save our earth?

COVID-19 and Sustainable Development Goal 12: What Are the Impacts of the Pandemic on Responsible Production and Consumption?

Interactions between Microbial Food Safety and Environmental Sustainability in the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Ganadería bovina con menor costo ambiental: un desafío entre lo personal y lo político

Achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 A Review of Quantitative Assessments of Synergies and Tradeoffs amongst the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Digital technology-enabled transformative consumer responsibilisation: a case study

Plastic pollution mitigation – net plastic circularity through a standardized credit system in Asia

Contribution of Biomass Supply Chains for Bioenergy to Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible Production for Sustainability: Concept Analysis and Bibliometric Review

Review of the Properties of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Produced from Recycled Plastic Waste and Periwinkle Shells

Conspicuous and inconspicuous repair: A framework for situating repair in relation to consumer practices and design research

Environmental benefits of pet food obtained as a result of the valorisation of meat fraction derived from packaged food waste.

The affecting factors of circular economy information and its impact on corporate economic sustainability-Evidence from China

Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment for the Environmental Evaluation of Products in the Supply Chain

Animal Welfare and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Urban drought challenge to 2030 sustainable development goals.

Green Economy: Challenges of Sustainable Consumption and Production in Ethiopia

Transforming agribusiness in developing countries: SDGs and the role of FinTech

An analysis of electronic waste management strategies and recycling operations in Malaysia: Challenges and future prospects

The consumer footprint: Monitoring sustainable development goal 12 with process-based life cycle assessment

Social entrepreneurship in the context of sustainable development goals

Sustainable fashion themes in luxury brand storytelling: The sustainability fashion research grid

Sustainability Analysis of AISI 1018 Turning Operations under Surface Integrity Criteria

Bioeconomy Transitions through the Lens of Coupled Social-Ecological Systems: A Framework for Place-Based Responsibility in the Global Resource System

Happier with less? Members of European environmental grassroots initiatives reconcile lower carbon footprints with higher life satisfaction and income increases

Oxalic Acid Recovery from High Iron Oxalate Waste Solution by a Combination of Ultrasound-Assisted Conversion and Cooling Crystallization

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Responsible Production 책임 있는 생산

Responsible Production 책임 있는 생산
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