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Analyzing the Influence of Selected Talent Management Practices on Employee Discretionary Work Behaviours in Organizations

Underpinnings of social contributions: conceptualizing behavioral patterns among socially contributive leaders in India

Responsible Leadership sentence examples within Morally Responsible Leadership

From Spirituality to Responsible Leadership: Ignatian Discernment and Theory-U

Towards a Grainier Understanding of How to Encourage Morally Responsible Leadership Through the Development of Phronesis: A Typology of Managerial Phronesis

Responsible Leadership sentence examples within responsible leadership theory

The Contribution of Responsible Leadership in Raising Funding to Support Organisational Mandate and the SDGs: Case of the Land Bank of South Africa

Responsible Leadership and the Implementation of SDG 7: The Case of the UNDP Botswana Biogas Project

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Role of Responsible Leadership for Organizational Citizenship Behavior for the Environment in Light of Psychological Ownership and Employee Environmental Commitment: A Moderated Mediation Model

Responsible Leadership: A New Paradigm for Organizational Sustainability

Leading Sustainable CSR Efforts: A Case of Sneha Opportunity School by NLCIL

Tristar – Safety, Sustainability and Stewardship

The Role of Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility as a Manifestation of Organization’s Intellectual Capital: A Conceptual Framework

Inhibiting unethical pro-organizational behavior: harnessing the effects of responsible leadership and leader–member exchange

Elements of Responsible Leadership in Driving Climate Action (SDG 13)

Sustainability agency at the top of the organization: microfoundations research on corporate sustainability

Responsible leadership during international assignments: a novel approach toward expatriation success

Responsible Leadership and the Reflective CEO: Resolving Stakeholder Conflict by Imagining What Could be done

Addressing Workplace Bullying Behaviors Through Responsible Leadership Theory: Essential Skills for Strategic Communicators

The COVID-19 pandemic and the role of responsible leadership in health care: thinking beyond employee well-being and organisational sustainability.

Impact on future young leaders: Challenges and opportunities

The Influence of Responsible Leadership on SRHRM, Organizational Pride, and Innovative Behavior

“Being true to oneself”: the interplay of responsible leadership and authenticity on multi-level outcomes

The Relationship between Responsible Leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Hospitality Industry

Responsible leadership and employee outcomes: a systematic literature review, integration and propositions

Good Leadership Practices in Contexts of Unpredictability

Linking responsible leadership with financial and environmental performance: determining mediation and moderation

Smart Farming through Responsible Leadership in Bangladesh: Possibilities, Opportunities, and Beyond

Leadership in Self-organized Systems: Squaring the Circle or a New Kind of Responsibility?

Theoretical Development and Empirical Examination of a Three-Roles Model of Responsible Leadership

Responsible Leadership and Salespeople’s Creativity: The Mediating Effects of CSR Perceptions

Between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. The dilemma of the European Union’s negotiation position in the context of the accelerated technological development of the PRC

Responsible leadership, affective commitment and intention to quit: an individual level analysis

Mwendoni-ire Z K”

Improving Millennial Employee Well-Being and Task Performance in the Hospitality Industry: The Interactive Effects of HRM and Responsible Leadership

Unmasking Irresponsible Leadership : Curriculum Development in 21st-Century Management Education

Climate change, responsible leadership and organizational commitment: An experience from Egypt

The Relationship Between Responsible Leadership and Organisational Commitment and the Mediating Effect of Employee Turnover Intentions: An Empirical Study with Australian Employees

Grinding the face of the poor

An Investigation into Role of Leadership Commitment on Implementation of Green Banking: Moderating Influence of Responsible Leadership Characteristics

Theoretical Development and Empirical Examination of a Three-Roles Model of Responsible Leadership

Inspiring organizational commitment: Responsible leadership and organizational inclusion in the Egyptian health care sector

The Quest to Lead (with) Millennials in a VUCA-World: Bridging the Gap Between Generations

Good Dividends : Responsible Leadership of Business Purpose

Responsible leadership styles and promotion of stakeholders’ health

Inclusive/exclusive talent management, responsible leadership and organizational downsizing: A study of academics in Egyptian public business schools

How responsible leadership predicts organizational citizenship behavior for the environment in China

Assessing the factors that influence waste generation and diversion at Canadian festivals

How Responsible Leadership Motivates Employees to Engage in Organizational Citizenship Behavior for the Environment: A Double-Mediation Model

Responsible Leadership and Expatriation: The Influence of National Culture

Organizational inclusion and academics’ psychological contract: Can responsible leadership mediate the relationship?

The Role of Responsible Leadership in Creating a Risk Culture that Promotes Sustainable Innovation in Business

Research translation and the evolving PhD and DNP practice roles: A collaborative call for nurse practitioners.

Financial Factors Influencing the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility—Study in Companies Operating on the Polish Market

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Responsible Leadership 책임감 있는 리더십

Responsible Leadership 책임감 있는 리더십
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