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Household Preferences for Investing in Crowdfunding

Are Sustainability-Oriented Investors Different? Evidence from Equity Crowdfunding

The Growth of “Green” finance at the global level in the context of sustainable economic development

Reparative accumulation? Financial risk and investment across socio-environmental crises

The Norway Model in Perspective

Sustainable and responsible investment funds in Europe

Do Responsible Investors Invest Responsibly?

Market Efficiency, Behavior and Information Asymmetry: Empirical Evidence from Cryptocurrency and Stock Markets

Disclosures of ESG Misconducts and Market Valuations: Evidence from DAX Companies

Бібліометричний аналіз наукових досліджень з питань відповідального інвестування

Two different paths to sustainability? A comparison of a Finnish and a Swedish public pension reserve fund

Institutional Investments and Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing: The ESG-Efficient Frontier

One Size Fits All? A Configurational Study of Collective Shareholder Engagement on ESG Issues

Encouraging Sustainable Investment in South Africa: CRISA and Beyond

“Ready or Not, Here I Come, You Can’t Hide.” Are Italian Institutional Investors Ready for Responsible Investments?

Assessing the business case for environmental, social and corporate governance practices in South Africa

Relationship between sustainable and responsible investing and returns: a global evidence

Sustainable and Responsible Investments: Same Sea, Different Fishes?

Best Interests in the Long Term: Fiduciary Duties and ESG Integration

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Responsible Investing 책임감 있는 투자

Responsible Investing 책임감 있는 투자
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