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The Ethical and Responsible Development and Application of Advanced Brain Machine Interfaces

Socially responsible innovation in security: critical reflections

Responsible Innovation sentence examples within responsible innovation process

Review: Anticipating alternative trajectories for responsible Agriculture 4.0 innovation in livestock systems.

Expanding the field of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) – from responsible research to responsible innovation

Responsible Innovation sentence examples within responsible innovation framework

Medical Innovation and Disease Burden: Conflicting Priorities and the Social Divide in India

Innovation and risk in an innovative learning environment: A Private Public Partnership in Australia

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Build Back Better with Responsible AI

A sustainable model for small towns and peripheral communities: converging elements and qualitative analysis

Responsible Innovation sentence examples within responsible innovation practice

Developing mobility as a service – user, operator and governance perspectives

Learning from Sustainability-Oriented Innovation

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Social Entrepreneurship in the Conduct of Responsible Innovation: Analysis Cluster in Mexican SMEs

Social Entrepreneurship in the Conduct of Responsible Innovation: Analysis Cluster in Mexican SMEs

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Responsible development of autonomous robotics in agriculture

Agriculture 4.0: Making it work for people, production, and the planet

Promoting the sustainable development of infrastructure projects through responsible innovation: An evolutionary game analysis

Between Food and Respect for Nature: On the Moral Ambiguity of Norwegian Stakeholder Opinions on Fish and Their Welfare in Technological Innovations in Fisheries

Economic Entities in the Context of Technological Modernization of Economy: Priority Trends Taking into Account Digital Transformation

Barriers to responsible innovation of nanotechnology applications in food and agriculture: A study of US experts and developers

From Responsible Gambling to Responsible Innovation?

The European Commission report on ethics of connected and automated vehicles and the future of ethics of transportation

An RRI for the present moment: relational and ‘well-up’ innovation

Democracy of Climate and Climate for Democracy: the Evolution of Quadruple and Quintuple Helix Innovation Systems

Responsible innovation in scientific practice: prospects, tensions and the long game

How Open Innovation Practices Deliver Societal Benefits

When bike sharing business models go bad: Incorporating responsibility into business model innovation

Improvisation as Responsible Innovation in Organizations

Anthropogenic risk creation: understanding and addressing the challenges via a conceptual model

Stakeholder Governance for Responsible Innovation: A Theory of Value Creation, Appropriation, and Distribution

Organisational institutionalisation of responsible innovation

New Frontiers in Biosafety and Biosecurity

Governing agricultural innovation: A comprehensive framework to underpin sustainable transitions

Cascade Adaptive MPC with Type 2 Fuzzy System for Safety and Energy Management in Autonomous Vehicles: A Sustainable Approach for Future of Transportation

New directions for RIS studies and policies in the face of grand societal challenges

Good governance as a response to discontents? Déjà vu, or lessons for AI from other emerging technologies

Changing Role of Users—Innovating Responsibly in Digital Health

10. Who owns the taste of coffee – examining implications of biobased means of production in food

Considerations for the Design and Implementation of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps: Scoping Review

Responsible innovation, anticipation and responsiveness: case studies of algorithms in decision support in justice and security, and an exploration of potential, unintended, undesirable, higher-order effects

Covid-19 Response From Global Makers: The Careables Cases of Global Design and Local Production

Responsible Innovation in Business: Perceptions, Evaluation Practices and Lessons Learnt

The Mediating Role of Responsible Innovation in the Relationship between Stakeholder Pressure and Corporate Sustainability Performance in Times of Crisis: Evidence from Selected Regions in China

Interpretative flexibility and conflicts in the emergence of Mobility as a Service: Finnish public sector actor perspectives

Critical Information Missing: A Scoping Review of Considerations for the Design and Implementation of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps.

A comprehensive appraisal of responsible research and innovation: From roots to leaves

Responsible innovation in organisations – unpacking the effects of leader trustworthiness and organizational culture on employee creativity

Corporate social responsibility, green innovation and competitiveness – causality in manufacturing

Towards a deliberative framework for responsible innovation in artificial intelligence

Innovating Governance for Planetary Health with Three Critically Informed Frames.

Institutional Drivers of Responsible Innovation: The Impact of the UN Global Compact in the Digital Age

Who is Responsible for Responsible Innovation? Lessons From an Investigation into Responsible Innovation in Health

WEAR Sustain (Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation): Sustainability Strategy Toolkit

Toward “Responsible Foresight”: Developing Futures that Enable Matching Future Technologies with Societal Demands:

A retrospective analysis of responsible innovation for low-technology innovation in the Global South

Rehabilitation culture and its impact on technology: unpacking practical conditions for ultrabilitation

Corporate Social Responsibility in an Innovation Era: A Conceptual Exploration.

Relationship between surgeons and industry

Responsible Research and Innovation in Enterprises : Benefits , Barriers and the Problem of Assessment

Technology in the Age of Innovation: Responsible Innovation as a New Subdomain Within the Philosophy of Technology

Towards a Responsible Innovation Agenda for HCI

The ethics of infinite impact

Integrating Artificial and Human Intelligence: A Partnership for Responsible Innovation in Biomedical Engineering and Medicine.

Responsible innovation and agricultural sustainability: lessons from genetically modified crops’

From Participation to Interruption : Toward an ethics of stakeholder engagement, participation and partnership in corporate social responsibility and responsible innovation

Contextualising Innovation in Africa: Knowledge Modes and Actors in Local Innovation Development

Introduction to the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation - A Global Resource

Governing with ambivalence: The tentative origins of socio-technical integration

Corporate Social Responsibility as a Source of Innovation: Company Practices in Poland

Responsible innovation and social innovation: toward an integrative research framework

The Ethics of Biosurveillance

An Investigation on Responsible Innovation in the Emerging Shared Bicycle Industry: Case Study of a Chinese Firm

Research Profiling for Responsible and Sustainable Innovations

The Forth Industrial Revolution: New Paradigm of Society Development or Posthumanist Manifesto

Artificial Intelligence: Some ethical issues and regulatory challenges

Understanding artificial intelligence ethics and safety

Human-robot relationships and the development of responsible social robots

Responsible Innovation in Layer Poultry Farming: Are Organic Consumers Sufficiently Informed about the Current Situation of Killing Day-old Male Chicks to Contribute to the Innovation Process?

Toward “Responsible Foresight”: Developing Futures that Enable Matching Future Technologies with Societal Demands

Responsible Innovation : Business Opportunities and Strategies for Implementation

Responsible Innovation 책임 있는 혁신

Responsible Innovation 책임 있는 혁신
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