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Responsible Consumption sentence examples within sustainable development goal

Sustainable consumption and production of wildlife tourism in Indian tiger reserves: a critical analysis

Life cycle thinking case study for catalytic wet air oxidation of lignin in bamboo biomass for vanillin production

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within climate change mitigation

Biowaste treatment through industrial insect farms: One bioeconomy puzzle piece towards a sustainable net-zero carbon economy?

Land-based climate change mitigation potentials within the agenda for sustainable development

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within Socially Responsible Consumption

Purchase Intention for Organic Food Products in Mexico: The Mediation of Consumer Desire

What Impacts Socially Responsible Consumption?

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within Promote Responsible Consumption

Transformative rural tourism strategies as tools for sustainable development in Transylvania, Romania: a case study of Sâncraiu

Suitability of using post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate wastes in cement-based hollow sandcrete blocks

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within Environmentally Responsible Consumption

Will “Green” Parents Have “Green” Children? The Relationship Between Parents’ and Early Adolescents’ Green Consumption Values

From primary health care to universal health coverage—one step forward and two steps back

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within Include Responsible Consumption

Are Happier Nations More Responsible? Examining the Link Between Happiness and Sustainability

Organizações de Controle Social na Região Metropolitana de São Paulo: relações de proximidade e de confiança em foco

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within Toward Responsible Consumption

Estrategias de marketing orientadas al consumo de la generación centennial

Reusing Fe water treatment residual as a soil amendment to improve physical function and flood resilience

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within Achieve Responsible Consumption

Linking Responsible Consumption and Production: A Global Assessment of Cropland Use for Agri-Food Production

National-level consumption-based and production-based utilisation of the land-system change planetary boundary: patterns and trends

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within responsible consumption behavior

Will “Green” Parents Have “Green” Children? The Relationship Between Parents’ and Early Adolescents’ Green Consumption Values

University students involved in a sustainable world: assessing sustainable consumption in Spain

Responsible Consumption sentence examples within responsible consumption group

Organizações de Controle Social na Região Metropolitana de São Paulo: relações de proximidade e de confiança em foco

Prácticas localizadas de producción y consumo en la ciudad. Relaciones sociales a través de la alimentación no convencional en Oaxaca, México

Expectations and Interests of University Students in COVID-19 Times about Sustainable Development Goals: Evidence from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru

Business contributions to sustainable development goals

Sharing and Sustainable Consumption in the Era of COVID-19

Social campaigns to encourage responsible fashion consumption: qualitative study with university students

Waste Classification using Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks

Role of Traditional Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Indigenous Communities in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Impact of eco-labelling on the implementation of sustainable production and consumption



Looking for Sustainability Scoring in Apparel: A Review on Environmental Footprint, Social Impacts and Transparency

Synergistic Interactions of SDGs in Food Supply Chains: A Review of Responsible Consumption and Production, Sustainability

A Contribuição da Educação Ambiental para a Percepção Acerca do Consumo Sustentável

Agricultural Development Processes in The Context of Globalization Challenges and New Approaches to The Concept of Sustainable Development

Second International Conference on “Recent Trends in Environment and Sustainable Development” (RTESD 2019)

Role of the Food Supply Chain Stakeholders in Achieving UN SDGs

Towards sustainable palm oil production: The positive and negative impacts on ecosystem services and human wellbeing

“Saving Lives, Protecting Livelihoods, and Safeguarding Nature”: Risk-Based Wildlife Trade Policy for Sustainable Development Outcomes Post-COVID-19

Animal Welfare and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals—Broadening Students’ Perspectives

Synergistic Interactions of SDGs in Food Supply Chains: A Review of Responsible Consumption and Production

Where do we stand on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals? An overview on progress

Sieben Jahre EIT RawMaterials Regional Center in Leoben – Rohstoffforschung im Kontext Globaler Entwicklung

Scandinavian design of the XXI century: traditions and modernity

Factors influencing responsible consumption in health crisis context: Moroccan case study

Soils and sustainable development goals of the United Nations: An International Union of Soil Sciences perspective

Sustainability Awareness through STEAM+

Life Aspirations, Generativity and Compulsive Buying in University Students

Effects of Production of Woody Pellets in the Southeastern United States on the Sustainable Development Goals


Predicting donation behavior: Acquisition modeling in the nonprofit sector using Facebook data

Assessing the Progress and Pitfalls of the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change in Achieving SDGs in Bangladesh

Seeking sustainable development policies at the municipal level based on the triad of city, economy and environment: evidence from Hunan province, China.

The Critical Role of the Construction Industry in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Delivering Projects for the Common Good

Consumerism and Rationality Against Cultural Influence

Utilisation of Plastifying and Fluxing Wastes of Plastics and Eggshell Powder in Manufacture of Eco-Friendly Floor Tiles

Analysis of Potential Waste-to-Energy Plant in Final Waste Disposal Sites iIn Indonesia Towards SDGs 2030 (A Literature Review)

Indicator of responsible consumption in hospitality companies: proposal of theoretical bases

Consumer Behaviour in Search of a Circular Economy

Higher Education For Sustainability: A Global Perspective

What Turns a Product into a Traditional One?

Plant-based diet: A solution to the sustainability of life and environment

Corporate adoption of SDG reporting in a non-enabling institutional environment: Insights from Libyan oil industries

Sustentabilidade: uma Abordagem das Percepções de Professores do Ensino Superior

Antagonists to meeting the 2030 Agenda

Sustainable and responsible consumption: Evidences from emerging economies

The Progression and Impact of the Sharing Economy; a Preface

The Lean-Green BOPSE Indicator to Assess Efficiency and Sustainability

The Relevance of Circular Economy Practices to the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable and Healthy Diets for Achieving the SDGs: The Role of Consumers

Trade, transboundary impacts and the implementation of SDG 12

Environmental and nutritional impacts of changing diets and food waste in Spain

Looking for peace in the national curriculum of Mexico

Recruiting the “Heavy-Using Loyalists of Tomorrow”: An Analysis of the Aims, Effects and Mechanisms of Alcohol Advertising, Based on Advertising Industry Evaluations

Aumentar el consumo responsable de agua mediante la exposición a consecuencias futuras con realidad virtual

Chemical Industry and Sustainability

A comparison of the Mediterranean diet and current food consumption patterns in Spain from a nutritional and water perspective.

Development: Ideal and Basics

The Reporting of SDGs by Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety-Certified Organizations

The endemic species flock of Labeobarbus spp. in L. Tana (Ethiopia) threatened by extinction : implications for conservation management

Administration and Management Platform of Electricity Consumption for Home Appliances Based on IoT

An Investigation of Kagera River Basin Land Cover Dynamics for Sustainability of Lake Victoria Water Regime

Bioeconomy from experts’ perspectives – Results of a global expert survey

Contributions of Lean Thinking Principles to Foster Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Development Goals

VETUS - Visual Exploration of Time Use Data to Support Environmental Assessment of Lifestyles

CompostNet: An Image Classifier for Meal Waste

Responsible Consumption: Space for New Business Opportunities and Cases of Russian Companies

La responsabilidad social corporativa y las tendencias de consumo

Luxury Consumer Identity Projects - A Study of Moral Sensitivity in Luxury Consumption Practices

Changing the food for the future: food and sustainability

No pixel left behind: Toward integrating Earth Observations for agriculture into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework

Teacher Training Model in Consumer Education: A Proposal for Ecuadorian Primary Education

Overcoming the psychological barriers to energy conservation behaviour: The influence of objective and subjective environmental knowledge

eSGarden: a European initiative to incorporate ICT in schools

Circular economy and environmental health in low- and middle-income countries

Income-based variation in Sustainable Development Goal interaction networks

Implementing Lean Production to Promote Textile and Clothing Industry Sustainability

Exploring antecedents of responsible consumption using structural equation modeling

Sustainable Development Goals: Their Impacts on Forests and People

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