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Corporate Citizenship

Do ESG Endeavors Assist Firms in Achieving Superior Financial Performance? A Case of 100 Best Corporate Citizens

A Quality Checklist for Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Education: A proposal to complement the Predictive Modeling Tool.

Exploring the Gray Area: Similarities and Differences in Questionable Research Practices (QRPs) Across Main Areas of Research

Improving Undergraduate Attitudes Towards Responsible Conduct of Research Through an Interactive Storytelling Game

An international partnership was instrumental in building blood transfusion research capacity in South Africa

HIV prevention research and COVID-19: putting ethics guidance to the test

The development of a four-tier test to evaluate research integrity training

How to navigate the application of ethics norms in global health research: reflections based on qualitative research conducted with people with disabilities in Uganda

How to Conduct Responsible Research: A Guide for Graduate Students.

A Course for Teaching and Learning About the Responsible Conduct of Research.

A phenomenographic study of scientists’ beliefs about the causes of scientists’ research misconduct

Comparative analysis of regulatory framework on biobanking to inform policymakers in Central America and the Dominican Republic

Interventions for Organizational Climate and Culture in Academia: A Scoping Review

The V-RAMP Program: Building Research Administration and Management Capacity in Nigeria.

Retraction according to gender: a descriptive study.

Effective Strategies for Research Integrity Training—a Meta-analysis

IMERS: Interactive Mentoring to Enhance Research Skills Grant‐Writing Workshops for Faculty at Minority Serving Institutions

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Experimental Validation of a Deployment Mechanism for Tape-tethered Satellites

Reader Response 1a: Challenges to Successful Research Careers in Neurology: How Gender Differences May Play a Role

Philosophy of Scientific Malpractice

Translating Researchers’ Experiences into Training on Research Integrity at Universities of Applied Sciences (TETRIAS)

The Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research: Ethics Guardians or Keystone Cops?

Pervasive Healthcare IRBs and Ethics Reviews in Research: Going Beyond the Paperwork

Trends in science: successes and responsible research conduct.

How do researchers acquire and develop notions of research integrity? A qualitative study among biomedical researchers in Switzerland

The features and qualities of online training modules in research ethics: a case study evaluating their institutional application for the University of Botswana

Project Categories to Guide Institutional Oversight of Responsible Conduct of Scientists Leading Citizen Science in the United States


Replacement or Reduction of Gene-Edited Animals in Biomedical Research: A Comparative Ethics and Policy Analysis

An Ethics of the System: Talking to Scientists About Research Integrity

Research Integrity: “Doing the Right Thing, Even When No One Is Watching”

The Culture of Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Responsible Conduct in the Life Sciences: A Comprehensive Literature Review

Book Review: SpringerBriefs in Ethics: Scientific integrity and research ethics: An approach from the ethos of science

Meta-Responsibility in Corporate Research and Innovation: A Bioeconomic Case Study

Ethical Implications of Mental Health Stigma: Primary Health Care Providers’ Perspectives

Emphasizing the experiences of researchers after RCR instructions: Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) in Malaysia

Ethics Across the Curriculum: Prospects for Broader (and Deeper) Teaching and Learning in Research and Engineering Ethics

How the Atacama Skeleton Might Advance Discussion of Responsible Conduct of Research Responsibilities

A New Method for a Virtue-Based Responsible Conduct of Research Curriculum: Pilot Test Results

Canadian policy on reporting breaches of research integrity: When should Research Ethics Boards be informed?

Fostering a prevention mindset for responsible gene editing

Research ethics in inter- and multi-disciplinary teams: Differences in disciplinary interpretations

Highlights of Indian Council of Medical Research National Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research Involving Human Participants

Stewardship of research resources

Air pollution decision-making

Responsible Access to Data in International Field Research: A Case Study from Tanzania

Holistic Summer Undergraduate Research Program in High Performance Computing Research

Ethical Issues in Substance-Use Prevention Research

Orchestrating corporate social responsibility in the multinational enterprise

Mapping responsible conduct in the uncharted field of research-creation: A scoping review

Implementation of a responsible conduct of research education program at Duke University School of Medicine

Phase I open-label trial of intraperitoneal paclitaxel in combination with intravenous cisplatin and oral capecitabine in patients with advanced gastric cancer and peritoneal metastases (IPGP study): study protocol

Voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention among adolescents in Kenya: Unintended consequences of pursuing service-delivery targets

Challenges in Environmental Health Research and Sustainability in a Less Developed Country: a Case Study From Jordan

Recommendations for Effective Integration of Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research (E/RCR) Education into Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences: A Meeting Report

Progressive research collaborations and the limits of soft power

The PGC Data Access Portal And Genomic Privacy: Data Sharing Procedures To Satisfy All Communities

Finding value for the right to development in international law

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Responsible Conduct 책임 있는 행동

Responsible Conduct 책임 있는 행동
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