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CSR marketing outcomes and branch managers’ perceptions of CSR

Economic and social benefits of socially responsible actions towards employees in agribusiness enterprises

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Reliable reference for the methane concentrations in Lake Kivu at the beginning of industrial exploitation

Determinants of locals’ heritage resource protection and conservation responsibility behaviors

Scale for Measuring the Attitude of Farmers towards Sustainable Cultivation Practices of Pineapple

A Humanistic Ontology for Responsible Management

Weakness of Will

Öffentlichkeit, Verantwortung und Gemeinwohl im digitalen Zeitalter

Pacifism: The ‘Extraordinary’ Sermon on the Mount

Civic Competence as a Target Component of Education Content

Integrated Green Supply Chain Model to Reduce Carbon Emission with Permissible Delay-in-Payment Consideration

Stephen Burns and Bryan Cones (eds),Liturgy with a Difference: Beyond Inclusion in the Christian Assembly

A CSR egyik lehetséges jövője, a társadalmi vállalkozó és a társadalmi vállalkozói attitűd mérése

Controvérsias sobre o aquecimento global e ato responsável: uma categoria bakhtiniana para ajudar a pensar questões sociocientíficas em aulas de ciências

A Critical Analysis on Anaerobic Digestion of OFMSW in India

The ‘Responsibility’ Factor in Imagining the Future of Education in China

The Role of Universities in Sustainability-Oriented Competencies Development: Insights from an Empirical Study on Polish Universities

The New Learning Organisation: Part I -- Institutional Reflexivity, High Agility Organising and Learning Leadership.

Quest for a pathway to human’s good life in the Chinese cultural context

Garbage Monitoring System Using Internet of Things

Integrated resource efficiency in factory planning and operation

The New Learning Organisation: PART II - Lessons from the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy

Early Childhood Education for Sustainability: A Driver for Quality

Promoting responsible service policy: The impact of complaint invitation on perceived service recovery performance

Special issue on advertising & corporate social responsibility

Encouraging perspective taking: Using narrative writing to induce empathy for others engaging in negative health behaviors

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Responsible Action 책임 있는 행동

Responsible Action 책임 있는 행동
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