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Response Codes sentence examples within spatial numerical association

Exploring the Space-Calorie Association: Preliminary Evidence from Reaction Time Performance

The mental representation of nonnumerical quantifiers: The Spatial-Linguistic Association of Response Codes (SLARC) effect.

Response Codes sentence examples within mental number line

Brain activity underlying response induced by SNARC‑congruent and SNARC‑incongruent stimuli.

Is the SNARC a boojum?

Response Codes sentence examples within Quick Response Codes

Using QR code enhanced authentic texts in EFL extensive reading: a qualitative study on student perceptions

Evaluation of the mental health status of community healthcare workers during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Response Codes sentence examples within Spatial Response Codes

How to trigger and keep stable directional Space–Number Associations (SNAs)

Contrasting left/right codes for response selection must not be necessarily associated with contrasting numerical features to get the SNARC.

Response Codes sentence examples within response codes effect

The neural mechanism of spatial-positional association in working memory: A fMRI study

Development of number-space associations: SNARC effects and spatial attention in 7- to 11-year-olds

The categorical use of a continuous time representation.

Identifying spatial effects in a lateralized duration estimation task.

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Tree Monitoring System using Geotagging and Steganography

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Optimizing Airborne Object Detection of Secondary Surveillance Radar in Intra-System Interference Conditions

About the existence of a horizontal mental pitch line in non-musicians

Spatial–musical association of response codes without sound

Reconciling cognitive-control and episodic-retrieval accounts of sequential conflict modulation: Binding of control-states into event-files.

Explaining the SPoARC and SNARC effects with knowledge structures: An expertise account

Spatial–numerical associations: Shared symbolic and non-symbolic numerical representations

Response-irrelevant number, duration, and extent information triggers the SQARC effect: Evidence from an implicit paradigm

Non-symbolic numerosities do not automatically activate spatial–numerical associations: Evidence from the SNARC effect

Does Perceptual Simulation Explain Spatial Effects in Word Categorization?

Music-space associations are grounded, embodied and situated: examination of cello experts and non-musicians in a standard tone discrimination task

Evidence of SQUARC and distance effects in a weight comparison task

The SNARC and MARC effects measured online: Large-scale assessment methods in flexible cognitive effects

The Association Between Number Magnitude and Space Is Dependent on Notation: Evidence From an Adaptive Perceptual Orientation Task

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Response Codes 응답 코드

Response Codes 응답 코드
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