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Numbers that Matter: Right to Health and Peruvian Maternal Strategies

Building a Culturally Competent Workforce to Care for Diverse Older Adults: Scope of the Problem and Potential Solutions

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Presence of birth companion-a deterrent to disrespectful behaviours towards women during delivery: an exploratory mixed-method study in 18 public hospitals of India.

Adolescent Friendly Health Clinics in India – Don’t We Need Respectful Adolescent Health Care?

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Youths’ perceptions of community health workers’ delivery of family planning services: a cross-sectional, mixed-methods study in Nakaseke District, Uganda

Respectful focused antenatal care and associated factors among pregnant women who visit Shashemene town public hospitals, Oromia region, Ethiopia: a cross‐sectional study

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18075 Giving birth during COVID-19 from the birthing person’s perspective

Giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic, perspectives from a sample of the United States birthing persons during the first wave: March-June 2020.

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Between orchestrated and organic: Accountability for loss and the moral landscape of childbearing in Malawi.

Between orchestrated and organic: Accountability for loss and the moral landscape of childbearing in Malawi.

Reflections on an international nursing placement experience in Nepal: A thematic analysis.

Respectful Maternity Care Interventions: A Systematic Literature Review.

Promoting Respectful Maternity Care using a Behavioral Design Approach in Zambia: Results from a Mixed-Methods Evaluation

The importance of compassion and respectful care for the health workforce: a mixed-methods study

Compassionate and respectful care among outpatient clients at public health facilities in Northwest Ethiopia: A mixed-methods study

A Mixed‐Methods Study of Nurse Managers’ Managerial and Clinical Challenges in Mental Health Centers During the COVID‐19 Pandemic

Examining person-centered maternity care in a peri-urban setting in Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

Maternal Satisfaction and Factors Associated with Institutional Delivery Care in Central Ethiopia: a Mixed Study

Community’s experience and perceptions of maternal health services across the continuum of care in Ethiopia: A qualitative study

Obstetric factors associated with postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder after spontaneous vaginal birth.

Examining the association between subjective childbirth experience and maternal mental health at six months postpartum.

Examining obstetric interventions and respectful maternity care in Hungary: Do informal payments for continuity of care link to quality?

Respectful maternal and newborn care: measurement in one EN-BIRTH study hospital in Nepal

The perfect storm: Disruptions to institutional delivery care arising from the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal

Neonatal resuscitation: EN-BIRTH multi-country validation study


Operationalizing respectful maternity care at the healthcare provider level: a systematic scoping review

Reimagining Human Responsibility Towards Animals for Disaster Management in the Anthropocene

Promoting compassionate and respectful maternity care during facility-based delivery in Ethiopia: perspectives of clients and midwives

Care Perception of Postnatal Mother on Care during Labour in Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal

Respectful language in intrapartum and newborn care.

Disrespectful care in family planning services among youth and adult simulated clients in public sector facilities in Malawi

“I Would Have Stayed Home if I Could Manage It Alone”: A Case Study of Ethiopian Mother Abandoned by Care Providers During Facility-Based Childbirth

Applying Critical Concepts: Clinical Governance, Quality, and Review to the Older Persons Context

Lay and healthcare providers’ experiences to inform future of respectful maternal and newborn care in Tanzania and Malawi: an Appreciative Inquiry

Respectful maternity care delivered within health facilities in Bangladesh, Ghana and Tanzania: a cross-sectional assessment preceding a quality improvement intervention

The BLOSSoM study: Burnout after perinatal LOSS in Midwifery. Results of a nation-wide investigation in Italy.

Disrespect and abuse during facility‐based childbirth in central Ethiopia

Barriers to the utilization of community-based child and newborn health services in Ethiopia: a scoping review

Delivery Mode Preference and Associated Factors among Pregnant Mothers in Harar Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Association between newborn separation, maternal consent and health outcomes: findings from a longitudinal survey in Kenya

Disrespect and abuse as a predictor of postnatal care utilisation and maternal-newborn well-being: a mixed-methods systematic review

Respectful care an added extra: a grounded theory study exploring intrapartum experiences in Zambia and Tanzania

Mothers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Facility-based Delivery Care in Rural Ethiopia

Being a midwife in West Africa: Between sensory experiences, moral standards, socio-technical violence and affective constraints.

International Childbirth Initiative: A new Paradigm in Maternal Health Care.

‘We are the advocates for the babies’ - understanding interactions between patients and health care providers during the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in South Africa: a qualitative study

Trauma and fear in Australian midwives.

An agency model of consent and the standards of disclosure in health care: Knowing-how to reach respectful shared decisions among real persons.

Experience of, and Perceptions on, Disrespectful Treatment from Health Workers, by Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Southeastern Nigeria

Mothers’ satisfaction with care during facility-based childbirth: a cross-sectional survey in southern Mozambique

Lay Midwives: On the Front Lines of the Fight Against Maternal Mortality in Rural Guatemala

Perinatal bereavement and palliative care offered throughout the healthcare system.

Accountability for respectful maternity care

Maternity experiences of mothers with multiple disadvantages in England: A qualitative study

Midwives’ perspectives on (dis)respectful intrapartum care during facility-based delivery in sub-Saharan Africa: a qualitative systematic review and meta-synthesis

Variation in competent and respectful delivery care in Kenya and Malawi: a retrospective analysis of national facility surveys

Reproductive Life Planning and Patient-Centered Care: Can the Inconsistencies be Reconciled?

Disrespectful treatment in primary care in rural Tanzania: beyond any single health issue

Disrespect and abuse of women during childbirth in public health facilities in Arba Minch town, south Ethiopia – a cross-sectional study

Quality improvement in healthcare: the need for valid, reliable and efficient methods and indicators

Mistreatment of pregnant women at health facilities in Arab countries: a qualitative systematic review

The Medical Management of Gender Dysphoric, Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Queer, Nonbinary, and Transgender Patients: One Clinic’s Approach

Deliver on Your Own: Disrespectful Maternity Care in rural Kenya

Women’s perspectives on health facility and system levels factors influencing mode of delivery in Tehran: a qualitative study

Point-of-care HIV testing best practice for early infant diagnosis: an implementation study

The practice reality of ward based midwifery care: An exploration of aspirations and restrictions.

Identifying Optimal Factor Scores on the Bereaved Family Survey: Implications for Practice and Policy.