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Adaptive Damping An Improved Resonance Mitigation Scheme for Shunt Capacitors

Research on Harmonic Resonance Mitigation Based on Improved Modal Sensitivity Analysis

A Low-Profile, Wide-Scan, Cylindrically Conformal X-Band Phased Array

A New Approach to the Modeling of Magnetorheological Dampers and Application to Resonance Control

Efficacy of a Smart Photovoltaic inverter as a virtual detuner for mitigating Network Harmonic Resonance in Distribution Systems

Parameters of Passive Ferroresonance Suppression Circuit (FSC) Affecting Ferroresonance Damping and Normal Operating Voltage and Current of Capacitive Voltage Transformer (CVT)

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Resonance Mitigation 공진 완화

Resonance Mitigation 공진 완화
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