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All-Dielectric Metasurface for Highly Tunable, Narrowband Notch Filtering

Graphene based polarization independent Fano resonance at terahertz for tunable sensing at nanoscale

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Ultra-thin subwavelength film sensing through the excitation of dark modes in THz metasurfaces

Theoretical Investigation of a Highly Sensitive Refractive-Index Sensor Based on TM0 Waveguide Mode Resonance Excited in an Asymmetric Metal-Cladding Dielectric Waveguide Structure

Dynamic Nonlinear Image Tuning through Magnetic Dipole Quasi‐BIC Ultrathin Resonators

Nonlinear imaging through magnetic dipole quasi-BIC ultra-thin resonators

Improving Upconversion Efficiency Based on Cross-Patterned Upconversion Material Slot Waveguides on a Silicon Layer

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Resonance Excited 공명 흥분

Resonance Excited 공명 흥분
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