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Creation of Simulation-Based Curriculum of Perioperative Emergencies for Residents in Anesthesiology

Conflict Management Education for Anesthesiology Residents: Bridging the Gap in Interpersonal and Communication Skills Competency.

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Creation of a High Fidelity, Cost Effective, Real World Surgical Simulation for Surgical Education

The Safety Level of Total Central Venous Access Port Implantation Performed by Residents.

How to teach Breast ERAS protocols: Surgical residents’ perspectives and perioperative practices for mastectomy patients.

“All is Normal”: Sports Mega Events, Favela Territory, and the Afterlives of Public Security Interventions in Rio de Janeiro

Multi-Residency Implementation of an Online Movement Disorders Curriculum Based on Real Patient Videos

Office of Medical Education: Opportunities for Trainees to Engage and Lead in Curricular Innovation and Reform

A Trainee’s Approach for Effective Operating Room Learning

Intraprofessional workplace learning in postgraduate medical education: a scoping review

The Relations of Tutor Teaching Performance and Science Learning Outcome of Learners at Paket B Equivalency Program

The Relationship between Interest in Following Sewing Training and Learning Results in PKBM Ganting Pesisir Selatan

Healthcare workforce transformation: implementing patient-centered medical home standards in an academic medical center

Analyzing the Proliferation of Social Media Use Among Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Programs

Character Education Learning for Resident Learn Package C at PKBM

Rehearsal simulation for antenatal consults

Psychotherapy and the Professional Identity of Psychiatry in the Age of Neuroscience

The empowerment strategy for prostitutes through competency-based culinary skills training at Semarang Rehabilitation Center

Description of Tenun Songket Lansek Manih Training Strategies in IRA Songket, Sijunjung

Operating room preparation by general surgery residents: A qualitative analysis.

The Struggle Is Real: How Residents Learn to Provide High-Value, Cost-Conscious Care

Asynchronous Curriculum “Socially Synchronized”: Learning Via Competition

Heart Rate Variability and Acute Stress Among Novice Airway Managers

Training surgeons with clickers and warm scrotum studies win Ig Nobel awards

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Residents Learn 주민들은 배우다

Residents Learn 주민들은 배우다
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