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Escherichia coli Shiga Toxins and Gut Microbiota Interactions

In Vivo Entombment of Bacteria and Fungi during Calcium Oxalate, Brushite, and Struvite Urolithiasis

Janthinobacter additions reduce rotifer grazing of microalga Microchloropsis salina in biotically complex communities

Succession of the Resident Soil Microbial Community in Response to Periodic Inoculations

Microbiome Management for the 21st Century and Beyond

In-vivo impact of common cosmetic preservative systems in full formulation on the skin microbiome

Functional role of the cancer microbiome in the solid tumour niche

The Human Microbiome, an Emerging Key-Player in the Sex Gap in Respiratory Diseases

Surgical hand preparation without rinsing: influence of antiseptic agent on bacteriological contamination

Canine endometrial and vaginal microbiomes reveal distinct and complex ecosystems

Investigating the influence of host genetics on the metagenome: the intestinal microbiome of two arid mammalian species

Why is a haemorrhoid never infected?

The personalized temporal dynamics of microbiome in the airways of cystic fibrosis patients

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Resident Microbiome 상주 미생물군집

Resident Microbiome 상주 미생물군집
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