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Neural stem cell-based in vitro bioassay for the assessment of neurotoxic potential of water samples.

Remote estimates of CDOM using Sentinel-2 remote sensing data in reservoirs with different trophic states across China.

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Coupling effects of hydrological characteristics and nutrient load in sediments on the trophic state of reservoirs

Suspended particulate matter (SPM)-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in lakes and reservoirs across a large geographical scale.

Successful Off Bottom Cementation of a Highly Deviated 4 ½ in Production Liner in UAE

A Bayesian hierarchical model for assessing the eutrophication status of inland freshwater systems in the contiguous United States from Landsat time series: the promise of a universal transferable model


Calanoid copepod zooplankton density is positively associated with water residence time across the continental United States

Total phosphorus-precipitation and Chlorophyll a-phosphorus relationships of lakes and reservoirs mediated by soil iron at regional scale.

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Reservoirs Across 저수지 건너편

Reservoirs Across 저수지 건너편
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