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The Quality of Government and Civil Conflict

Monumental Changes? Confederate Symbol Removals and Racial Attitudes in the United States

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The Quality of Government and Civil Conflict

The taming of chaos: Optimal cities and the state of the art in urban systems research

The Inconvenient Truth About Mobile Phone Distraction: Understanding the Means, Motive and Opportunity for Driver Resistance to Legal and Safety Messages

Exploring the Cultural Model of Social Stress Among Andean Women in the Peruvian Highlands

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Effective Online Teaching Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

Challenging rigidity in Anorexia (treatment, training and supervision): questioning manual adherence in the face of complexity

Review of research on teacher emotion during 1985–2019: a descriptive quantitative analysis of knowledge production trends

Analisis Cakupan Pemeriksaan Kehamilan di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Wolio Kota Baubau

Complex PTSD in young people in care

Earthquake Vulnerability Mapping using Binary Comparison Matrix and Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) in Lalmatia, Dhaka

Águas de Dançar Juntos: coordenação e sintonização multiespécies na pesca com os botos em Laguna (SC, Brasil)

Social Determinants: Working Upstream to Solve Health Problems Before They Start

Aligning Our Maps: A Call to Reconcile Distinct Visions of Literatures on Sexualities, Space, and Place

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P-131 Information with impact: analysis of feedback about what to expect at end of life online information


The importance of sleep


The Role of Nutrition in The Treatment of Hyperinsulinemia and InsulinResistance

Editor’s Desk: The Why and How of Addressing Employee Happiness

Introduction to special section: Emotions and affect in studies on contemporary Japan

The Dualism of Tax Consultants’ Roles in the Taxation System

User Interface (UI) Discovery Application To Measure Query Accuracy On Interface Repository

The potential use of Tablet Computers to support Teaching and Learning activities in South African Schools

Assessing the Improvement in Descriptive Writing Skills with Communicative Teaching in Pakistan

Suffering Like a Broken Toy: Social, Psychological, and Cultural Impacts for Urban American Indians with Chronic Pain

An Empirical Analysis of Natural and Cyclical Unemployment at the Provincial Level in Spain

Getting Developmental Science Back Into Schools: Can What We Know About Self-Regulation Help Change How We Think About “No Excuses”?

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Research Tell 리서치 텔

Research Tell 리서치 텔
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