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Development of a remaining useful life (RUL) model for reinforced concrete beams subjected to high-cycle fatigue

Markov chain optimization of repair and replacement decisions of medical equipment

Age-Based Maintenance under Population Heterogeneity: Optimal Exploration and Exploitation

Performance-Based Building System Manufacturer Selection Decision Framework for Integration into Total Cost of Ownership Evaluations

A stochastic scheduling, allocation, and inventory replenishment problem for battery swap stations

Transportation infrastructure asset management modeling using Markov decision process under epistemic uncertainties

Reliability Modeling of Multistate Degraded Power Electronic Converters With Simultaneous Exposure to Dependent Competing Failure Processes

Experience in Asset Performance Management Analytics for decision support on Transmission & Distribution Assets

On Maximizing the Value of Cache Contents in ICN

Household vehicle holding decisions in response to life cycle events


To Update or Not To Update?: Bandwidth-Efficient Intelligent Replacement Policies for DRAM Caches

Availability and maintenance modeling for a two-component system with dependent failures over a finite time horizon

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Replacement Decisions 교체 결정

Replacement Decisions 교체 결정
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