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Adsorption and catalytic degradation of preservative parabens by graphene-family nanomaterials.

In-situ synthesis of {111}TiO2/Ti photoelectrode to boost efficient removal of dimethyl phthalate based on a bi-functional interface

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Enhanced nitrogen removal from high-strength ammonium wastewater by improving heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification process: Insight into the influence of dissolved oxygen in the outer layer of the biofilm

Efficient utilization of Iris pseudacorus biomass for nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands: Combining alkali treatment.

Manganese Deposition Content in Carbon Nanotubes Based Filters: Energy Dispersive X-ray and Rutherford Backscatter Spectrometry Investigations

Enzymatic Treatment of Phenolic Wastewater: Effects of Salinity and Biosurfactant Addition

Ultrasound-Assisted Treatment of Landfill Leachate in a Sequencing Batch Reactor

Mechanism of Cr(VI) removal by magnetic greigite/biochar composites.

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Removal Enhancement 제거 향상

Removal Enhancement 제거 향상
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